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      CommentAuthorCat Vincent
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2011 edited
    jimmyjungle: Can't agree about Rory, as this is a man who stood guard over his beloved for 2000 years... I'm sure there will be less nerd-Rory-see-how-he-doesn't-quite-die-this-week and more of The Last Centurion by season's end.

    ...though now I think of it, that's another reason this ep sucked so hard - Rory's got mad sword & combat skills, why didn't he use them?
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    while i agree that this was anything but a good episode it must always be remembered that the primary target audience for Doctor Who isn't us and I guarantee you that my mates Doctor Who obsessed 9 year old son was bouncing around the house watching that.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2011
    I am still rather confused as to whether Rory is a Nestene duplicate or just a plain old human. Given the way the last season ended it makes sense for him to come back as a human, as he was a human when he was originally erased from the timeline. However, he still has the 2000 years of memory, which leads me to suspect that the when the Pandorica was trying to heal the universe, it had to deal with these two versions of Rory, and did the best it could by combining them in to the same entity. But this particular distinction has yet to be fully explained, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

    Which reminds me of a niggling detail from the Pandorica Opens - how the hell did the Nestene get access to Pond's memories? And a set of memories from before Rory was erased at that, which seems rather impossible. Erasure from time does seem to imply that any and all records of him would be altered.

    Anyways, pirate episode: kind of a wash in my book. It didn't do anything particularly bad in my opinion, but it didn't exactly do anything extraordinary either. A filler episode both in the narrative of the season and in terms of quality. Much like rice, it exists to make the good stuff filling, not to be a meal in itself.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    Which reminds me of a niggling detail from the Pandorica Opens - how the hell did the Nestene get access to Pond's memories? And a set of memories from before Rory was erased at that, which seems rather impossible. Erasure from time does seem to imply that any and all records of him would be altered.

    They did something very sophisticated and wibbly-wobbly.

    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    I thought the Doctor had a patent on sophistication when used in conjunction with wibbly-wobbly, though?
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    I haven't seen the pirate episode yet, but one thing all the speculation just before that didn't include is... the Master. My boyfriend is convinced that the Master is behind the Silence (although, that may be wishful thinking, since he keeps going on about how Benedict Cumberbatch should play the Master, and how pissed off the Doctor would be if the Master regenerated into a ginger before the Doctor did). He's also convinced that the Silent are somehow Time War Mutants, which I think is ridiculous.

    I think it might be a little too neat if Amy's quantum baby is the girl in the space-suit AND River Song, and we know River isn't a time lord because she's the Time Traveller's Wife so I think that's ruled out anyway. But really... has anyone ever BEEN pregnant while in a TARDIS? My theory is that the TARDIS has altered the baby at a ~quantum~ level (please note I'm using "quantum" in the television sense not the science sense so read "macguffin") and it has parallel-universe-hopping powers! That or when we meet the Doctor's Wife there will be a Doctor's Fetus which needs surrogating and the TARDIS plants it in Amy but miscalculates the date.

    So okay, here are the ~fetus options I can think of:

    The Conception
    1. The Silent Memory-Wipe I.V.F. Program
    2. Domestic Bliss Pre Blue Envelope (i.e. The Usual Way)
    3. The TARDIS Timey Wimey I.V.F. Program

    The Pregnancy
    1. Amy will be uncertainty!pregnant until she gives birth (and won't that be a surprise!)
    ----------> a) it's a Time Lord! and related to the Doctor
    ----------> b) it's a Time Lord! and genetically Amy and Rory's baby that the TARDIS has fucked with
    ----------> c) it's not a Time Lord! but has some other TARDIS-related powers
    2. Amy will be uncertainty!pregnant until ~plot~ undoes it, because:
    ----------> a) it turns out it wasn't a baby all along! it was like a phantom baby or an alien or something!
    ----------> b) something causes her to "settle" into whatever state she is in when she reads "not pregnant"
    ----------> c) it's a normal baby that has a normal miscarriage or abortion! (this is the option of lowest probability in my opinion)
    3. New Global Reset! Shit is too fucked up, let's start over!

    Have I missed anything?
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    Oh, duh, I missed 4. Amy will be uncertainty!pregnant until the Doctor fixes WTF is going on and thereupon she is regular!pregnant (which has all the same a, b and c as no.1)
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    5. Amy's baby has a Time Head.
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    Time head. TIME HEAD.
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    I shouldn't be surprised. Until The Big Bang Amy herself was (quite literally) a Crack Head.
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    Morac: Rory is now human, has Nestene Rory's memories, but he keeps them shut away in his head.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    Given the last few episodes, that does seem to be the case. However, in the Christmas special (I think) one character calls Rory a Nestene duplicate, making an offhand comment about dating one once (and finding the swappable heads to be rather... interesting).

    I find the whole situation rather confusing. Though, to be fair, I wouldn't be surprised in the characters themselves are similarly confused (I remember quite distinctly Pond's blank look in response to the comments mentioned above.)
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    Actually, no, that was in The Big Bang - River was the one who made the swappable heads comment.

    What happened, as I saw it, was that the entire Universe was indeed rebooted - but the entire major events of series 5 that were caused by (or influenced by) the Cracks In The Skin Of The Universe did not occur; they only existed in the memories of Amy, River, Rory and the Doctor. Rory remembers being the Centurion, just as River remembers battling the Weeping Angels and Amy remembers growing up in a big empty house with no Mum or Dad.

    These things didn't happen - they're only remembered. Except in Rory's case, only partly remembered.

    And in Amy's case...there might be something else, another memory she's repressing...if Madame Eyepatch is anything to go by.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    Damn, I knew I'd mess that reference up. Chalk up another reason to have the entire Who collection on hand at every moment; a towel for geek culture.

    Your explanation makes much sense. I presume their remembrance of those events are due to them being time travelers (I seem to recall the Doctor mentioning something about that in one of the earlier season 5 episodes).

    Still need to figure out how they got Pond's memories for the duplicates, though. That is your homework for this evening. (Oh, quit your whining, it's an excuse to re-watch some Doctor Who).
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    Erm. Crack-Headedness? I'd chalk it up to Crack-Headedness.

    One thing I'd also note is that the Silence (we're led to believe) were spearheading the Pandorica operation, behind the Coalition of Monsters (Nestene, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybers, etc.). AND, in Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon we're given ample reason to believe that the Silence have been monitoring Amy for quite some time. She is the only person to spot them independently in Astronaut, and in the bathroom scene the one she converses with knows her full name - Amelia - despite the fact that it is quite clearly in 1969, while she is from 2011. So it could be that the duplicates were fuelled partially by inspections of Amy's bedroom, and partly by the tabs that the Silence were already keeping on her.

    Also, independent of this, I think an interesting revelation will be compounded upon in next week's ep.:
    The Doctor will have to build the FAUXrdis found in The Lodger. Consider the following:

    * In one of These Clips, provided by the BBC as previews, Gaiman's villain - the enigmatic 'House' voiced by that man-of-many-roles Michael Sheen - spirits away the Doctor's TARDIS, with the Ponds inside.

    * The episode is set within the realm of 'House', a junkyard seemingly constructed of crashed spaceships.

    * In The First Of These Pics, the control tower of the FAUXrdis can be seen jutting out of the background.

    * In the 'Next Time' for Gaiman's ep., the character Idris can be heard saying "You're like a 9-year-old constructing a motorbike in his bedroom'. While the Doctor's response - 'You're NOT my Mother!' - is meant to distract us by teasing that Idris is his long-lost-wife, Grandma of Susan, if you look closely you can see the orange-ball control panel of the FAUXrdis smoking in the background. Idris' comment, too, implies that the Doctor is building something out of the junk...

    HENCE, I present unto you the unshakeable conclusion that in the ep., the Doctor will construct the FAUXrdis, and use it to defeat/subdue/destroy/befuddle 'House'. It'll become too powerful or something, he'll lose it while regaining his own TARDIS, it'll end up in The Lodger, and then after that when it escapes from The Lodger it'll teleport somewhere into the past to be picked up by The Silence, who by 1969 will have worked out the technology needed to create a space-suit in which they could fabricate a suitable pilot for the FAUXrdis: Lost Little Girl. By tampering with Lost Little Girl while she was still in Amy's womb, Amy will 'Bring The Silence' by allowing them the manipulable technology (through Lost Little Girl) to travel through Time and Space.





    But of course, we still don't know who or what the Silence are working for.

    Though I shouldn't doubt that Madame Creepy Eyepatch Woman is involved in it somehow.
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2011
    I wasn't all that happy with the pirate episode either, but it does make the continuity/nerd in me believe that this is how the Pirates of "The Pirate Planet" eventually came about.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2011
    ...or we could assume that Doctor Who doesn't have to make sense...
    • CommentAuthorDronecraft
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2011
    @EaselFish - Awesome!!!!
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    The writer (or someone else) clearly watched Comacoma
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2011
    Yeah, I couldn't unthink that while watching it. And STAR TREK: VOYAGER, of course. Which is a good thing because it made me not think of The Doctor Dances.