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    Loved the line uttered by the now bipedal TARDIS SEXY: Is it always like this for humans? Always bigger on the inside?
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    A great album to listen to after a Doctor Who ep and maybe a lil smoke is 'Emeralds ' 'Does it look like i'm here?'

    Really high octane cosmic electronica....give it a try, lemme know what you think.
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    The American style intro nonsense has been inflicted on Australian viewers too. But everyone has the silly BBC logo underneath the show name during the opening credits.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2011
    The BBC have logo tagged everything they put out for YEARS now though, it's not a new thing.
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    Compare season 5

    and season 6

    It just seems odd, because the BBC logo always pops up at the start of the teaser.

    Oh, and for people who are wondering what the intro thing we're talking about is:

    It slots between the teaser and the opening credits. On every episode.
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    This is how the titles are supposed to look, if foreigners are getting it differently.

    The BBC mark appearing below the TARDIS is Correct in some ineffable, almost genetic way that lesser races may find difficult to comprehend.

    • CommentAuthorSBarrett
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2011
    I suppose they are assuming most Americans have not really seen much Doctor Who and first time viewers would need a little catch up. Hence the summary at the beginning of every episode.
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    I've never had much patience with ' catering for newbies' .....maybe it's cause i got into comics at about 9 , and enjoyed being out of my depth and gotta pay your dues when it comes to understanding , or 'getting it '

    I mean,we all come into this world with the story well under way and we have to scramble to catch up... if i'm new to something,or late to the party ,i run to catch up with the train, i don't bawl till they screech to a halt and wait for me to shuffle up all fulla sniffles..

    I'm saying 'if i'm clueless about something ,that's my problem,and if anyone else is clueless,that's their problem'

    there's this vibe of creative folk having to beg the dull witted masses to pay attention, way of the bloody world i guess.... jumping on point! fresh! every few months! for the uninitiated! slow down for the inexperienced!

    i just love it when art and stories and culture lurch forward oblivious to the dimwitted.

    man i'm grumpy today.
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    I've never had much patience with ' catering for newbies'…

    Doctor Who is a kids show. There's a whole generation of newbies every season. The rest of us can just fast-forward.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2011

    That's what I figured, but the only real take-away is 'the Doctor has a magic time box and goes on adventures', which I'm pretty sure anyone above the age of two could figure out in any given episode. I wouldn't really mind it so much, but it comes off as rather obnoxious.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2011
    Agree, on a marketing level though you would need to cater to the n00bs, to attract new viewers. Could you imagine how long that catch up was if they were faithful to more than the Moffitt years?
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2011
    @James - fair enough, but if thats the case why don't they use that in the UK too? There are just as many newbies here as anywhere else.

    I'm reminded of the perceived need to add a narrator to the US cut of Blade Runner (and also Oshii's rather excellent film 'Avalon', seriously, it's getting to something when the best English Language version of a film is the version they released in France because noone in the UK wanted to release it and the Americans would only put it out if they removed all the ambiguity).
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    I've never had much patience with ' catering for newbies'

    Look at how well ignoring the newbies has worked out for the comics industry!
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    Comics don't ignore newbies at all ,they're episodic.

    the form itself forces you to go with the flow or do your homework,i suppose.

    I see stories first, marketing a distant second.

    Also, with the kids, isn't figuring out puzzles and connecting the dots better for a growing brain than rehash upon rehash?

    I've strayed way off into a larger question,i know,but my point is that 'consumers' should follow the creatives.More trust.less spoilt brat shit.

    Like watching a show or reading a comic or listening to an album is a passive act,and i'm cool with that.but we get passive folk aggressively making demands from the couch and it's weird.

    It's like a toddler sitting up and being like 'awww i missed so much!How long's this planet been spinning?!Can't we start from year zero just so i can feel cozy?'...and we tear the world down to accomodate the befuddled.
    • CommentAuthorSBarrett
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2011
    I seriously don't think a 30 second catch up is stunting the brain development of children.

    Granted if people really want to get caught up everything from series 1-5 is streaming on Netflix. :P

    Though various people will tell you to skip various seasons for whatever personal reasons they have.