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    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2011
    As a series opener, that was damn good, and hopefully the rest of the series will live up to the promise. For me, it all hangs on whether the other writers follow through on the portrayal of the Doctor we saw last night. If they can keep writing him as a cosmic chessmaster who just happens to be a bit of a flake as well, I'll be happy. If they revert back to making him a flake who just happens to get lucky flashes of brilliance, then I'm not sure how much I'll care about whatever the grand narrative turns out to be. At the moment I'm hooked though, even if the 'forget about the lost child, let's go have adventures' line seemed a little glib and out of character.

    @Brandon Cypherd - I think you're on to something there, chap. And to expand on that if I may:

    Once the Silents have perfected their fake TARDIS and fake Time Lord set up, they somehow sneak her aboard the real TARDIS, masking her from the crew's perception and allowing her to be the 'unseen force' that takes control of it during The Pandorica Opens. That would explain why River heard what now seems to be the voice of a Silent in the last minutes of that episode. Course, I still have no idea why they'd want to blow up the TARDIS and unmake the universe, but I'm looking forward to finding out.
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    could a tardis go inside another tardis? and what if the outer tardis tried to jump into the inner tardis?
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    could a tardis go inside another tardis? and what if the outer tardis tried to jump into the inner tardis?

    Apparently yes. Wasn't there a you-tube clip that had the TARDIS jumping into itself and Amy flirting with future and past versions of herself?

    Edit: Ah, here we go...

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    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2011
    @Alastair - The Tardis A inside Tardis B recursion is canon. From the Wikipedia article on "TARDIS": In Logopolis, the Master tricked the Doctor into materialising his TARDIS around the Master's, creating a dimensionally recursive loop, each TARDIS appearing inside the other's console room.
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    @curb — After "The Impossible Astronaut," I'd just assumed there were one or more Silents living inside the TARDIS. Now after "Day of the Moon," my guess is that the Silence didn't knowingly do anything to the TARDIS, but in playing around with their FauxRDIS they affected it, the same way the FauxRDIS in "The Lodger" interfered with the TARDIS. (After all, the voice saying "Silence will fall" didn't sound anything like a Silent's voice, and River didn't hear it — I took it to be non-diegetic sound, rather than something that was actually happening during the narrative.)

    (Or I suppose the TARDIS could've been sabotaged by River, acting under hypnotic suggestion from a Silent she encountered sometime in Season 5.)
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    I think differently. The 'Silence Will Fall' voice in The Big Bang had nothing of the rasp or depth of the voice of the Silents we've seen thusfar - I think they're being manipulated by some other force, given that they seem to be a very non-individualistic, hive race, like the Ood. We still haven't found out WHY or HOW they've been controlling the human race, and especially how one of them could be around in 2011 to witness the Doctor's death if they were annihilated in 1969 - unless, of course, not all of them were.

    Orrr...something or someone blew up the TARDIS in order to alert the Doctor to the Silents' existence. They meant "Silence Will Fall" as in "The Silents Will Have A Downfall", because as soon as they lose control of the Earth, IT steps in to fill the void...
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    I don't know if this was cleared up in pre-Davies continuity, but is there any chance that girl is related to Susan Foreman or Jenny?
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    Ah. I think I got another bit of it.
    One of the things I like about all this is that it's working in all the classic, cliché bits of American UFO mythology — we've got the greys, the men in black, Area 51, memory erasure, government coverups and conspiracies. The only major thing they haven't touched on?

    "Why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the moon? Because the Silence needed a spacesuit." Something changed at some point before the '60s, and the Silence suddenly needed a space suit. If they needed the space suit as an incubator for a pseudo-Time Lady to pilot a pseudo-TARDIS, then the pseudo-TARDIS crashed/arrived shortly before the space program really ramped up.

    How about in 1947, at Roswell, New Mexico? I think Roswell's the one classic UFO trope they haven't touched on yet.

    Also, River Song specifically introduces the idea that a Time Lord's body is a precious biological commodity in "Impossible Astronaut," for no apparent plot-based reason. That could easily be foreshadowing to a reveal that the Silence acquired cells from a Time Lord — probably the Doctor — before 1969 and used them to turn an orphan girl into a pseudo-Time Lady.
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    Unless, of course, the 'Death Scene' in Impossible Astronaut was before the other appearances of the spacesuit in Lost Little Girl's personal chronology. So that the suit was using its alien tech to sample the Doc's DNA from before and during his regeneration cycle so as to replicate it into the dying body of Lost Little Girl, and the Doctor was going along with this and willingly sacrifice himself so that Lost Little Girl would have the strength to strike back against her alien masters.

    ...Or perhaps regenerate into a pre-teen female copy of the Doctor. Which would be a...unique way of establishing a new status quo.

    (It would explain why Lost Little Girl somehow escaped from the Silence during their kidnap of Amy in the Foster Home. It's not as if they'd just let her go.)
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    @EaselFish — "It's not as if they'd just let her go." My thought on that is that Amy shooting the spacesuit may have upset something, letting the girl escape. She punctured the suit's face bubble — presumably the Silence needed to put her in a spacesuit to keep her sealed off from earth's atmosphere, or to keep something sealed in with her.
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    maybe the silence impregnated amy? was that maybe what they were doing to her on that table?
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    @Alastair - They did say something about her being honoured, and that she would do something for the Silence.
    @EaselFish - I agree with most of what you've said. Especially the fact that the Silence were not the one's that brought down the TARDIS. The voice in the TARDIS appeared in the trailer, speaking directly with the Doctor, a scene which has yet to occur.
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    I cant say I liked the first two new episodes. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed watching the episodes, just had nitpics.

    both episodes were mostly set up for the major story line whatever that ends up being.
    Also, I didn't like the revisiting of Rory's insecurities regarding Amy's relationship with the doctor. The guy lived for 2000 years protecting his lady love and succeeding, he may not remember a lot of it, but that kind of an experience should have changed him, made him more confident at least. He doesn't seem to have changed at all, so it seemed like more of the same with this character.
    there was a lot of questions coming out of these two episodes, which im hoping will be answered by the end of the season in a most satisfactory way.
    Plus, I feel i've missed things. there was a lot packed into these episodes, I missed the first 8 minutes of the second episode, and apparently I missed a lot. Need to watch the episodes a few more times.
    So for right now, after watching the first two episodes, i felt like I usually felt after watching an episode of Lost. It is not a feeling that I'm comfortable with, especially after watching a Dr. Who episode.
    Still, i will enjoy waiting every week to find out what happens next.
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    But of course, you'd probably expect that the Silence have planned this all along - they've construed the spacesuit, no matter who is in it, as a weapon to kill him - based on this quote from Matt Smith in The Daily Telegraph:
    Smith is eagerly looking forward to viewers' reaction to the new monsters.

    "I think The Silence are one of the scariest monsters. I love that they've been working since the dawn of time to make The Doctor come unstuck," he said.

    Also, pretty sure that the Edsel in Impossible Astronaut was the TARDIS fitted for an authentically American disguise - the Edsel car brand are known for being just as useless an anachronism in the USA as the Police Box is in Britain. Plus, Canton's comment in the same episode, "Like Your Wheels", could easily have been a small clue.
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    The guy lived for 2000 years protecting his lady love and succeeding.
    I've actually been thinking about this a bit. The finale for the last series made a big deal about how strong enough memories can effect reality, and Rory has access to 2000 years of memory (which, in a weird way, makes him older than The Doctor). And The Doctor asking him how much he can remember has to be more than him rubbing in that Rory spent 2000 years protecting Amy and despite that she loves The Doctor more than she loves him.

    What if Rory having all these memories in the recreated universe somehow made him a Time Lord (because an ordinary human couldn't contain that much knowledge, but a Time Lord could), without him realizing it? And just what happened to him at the end of The Impossible Astronaut? They showed one of the Silence charging up to disintegrate him and River turns around and sees a flash of light, and then they cut to Amy and The Doctor.
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    I know others have said this, but in my mind, there can be only one big bad capable of staying several steps ahead of our good Doctor.

    The Valeyard
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    And The Doctor asking him how much he can remember has to be more than him rubbing in that Rory spent 2000 years protecting Amy and despite that she loves The Doctor more than she loves him.

    I read that the opposite way - the Doctor sensibly knowing that she could be talking about either of them, mentioned Rome in order to reinforce the idea that she was talking about Rory, who'd waited 2000 years for her.

    And just what happened to him at the end of The Impossible Astronaut?

    Probably something similar to whatever happened to Amy in-between the door closing and waking up in the Silents' control room.
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    And there were hints of that in last season's episode with Toby Jones...
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    I don't know if it's just me- I didn't see anything about it in the comments- but did anyone else see the color of the beam the astronaut shot the Doctor with?
    It was green. Very "sonic screwdriver" green.
    Which leads me to strongly suspect that the person in the astronaut suit that kills the Doctor is the Doctor.
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    I had the thought that the person in the suit was the Doctor, and the 'Doctor' who was shot was in fact, the little girl who has regnerated to be like the Doctor?