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    Maybe the Doctor forcing his death-during-regeneration was done precisely to prevent the creation of the Valeyard?

    Some theories elsewhere about Regeneration not being specific to Time Lords - that it's a technology that can be shared with other species. I dislike that idea. That a regeneration could be shared with another, though... sort of happened with the Doctor-Donna, after all.

    So the question becomes - who does the Doctor care about enough to give his regeneration to? That's who's in the space-suit.
    His Daughter? (Who's still out there...) His grand-daughter, Susan Foreman? River? Amy? Himself?
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    All of which illustrates a growing problem with current WHO -- it's gone from the "well, what's going on there?" of BAD WOLF to a constant blare of, as Chris Weston put it earlier, I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW AND I'M NOT TELLING NAH NAH NAH.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2011
    True, but I was usually a bit disappointed when RTD did reveal what his arcs were about. Whereas Moffat's run still intrigues me. So far.

    One thing I didn't get about Rory: Why does he have the Rorybot's memories? I thought he was supposed to be the actual Rory from the alternate timeline they created at the end of Season 5? Did I miss something?
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    @ Warren-

    Which I am interpreting as having a problem with the use of mysteries as a kind of teasing (much like, I think, "Lost") as opposed to mysteries in the service of the story (which I guess I'd say "Babylon 5" is a good example of, if only because I'm too much of a geek to think of anything else off the top of my head). I can see the danger of that- assuming I take your meaning- and I was a little confused with the decision to start a new season off with a story chock full of that sort of thing.

    On the other hand, I've admired a great deal of what Moffat has done so far, and so long as my kids dig it, I figure it's still doing what it should do.

    It does seem like it is edging toward a full 45 minutes of Moffat smirking at me and saying, "Spoilers". But we'll see, I guess.
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    @Chris: You'll never hear me complain about shows that plot as well as B5. For that matter, I can't actually think of one that did better.

    Moffatt's certainly aware that he's running a show which makes a bunch of money for BBC in tie-ins & export, is opening big in the US for the first time & has a terrifyingly complex (and blurrily canonical) backstory. And his last story arc could only be resolved by rebooting the entire universe. What can he do for an encore?

    I'm enjoying the hell out what he's doing, but the payoff had better be at least as clever as the set-up to really satisfy - or we'll be talking LOST-level disappointment all round.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2011
    My 2 cents on the two episodes so far is, everyone since Prisoner Zero has been saying "Silence Will Fall" in a very ominous, big-bad way. Setting the human race against them, bringing about their 'fall' seems like it might actually be the start of the problem.

    What The Silence were doing, unless i missed something, has so far been dealt with in the vagueries of "controlling the human race, therefor bad". Well, now that they're gone (retroactively?) from human history, will things actually get better, or worse?
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    That's it! That is the problem I had with the two parter. Has anybody told you, you have way with words Mr. Ellis.


    Yeah, the Toby jones episode pretty much solidified with me where Im 80% sure Im right.

    It boils down to the big why of last season. Why would someone arrange to have the entire universe erased? I would be vastly disappointed if it ends up being Dalek related. Sorry. Enough with the Daleks.

    Also, the How. How was the Tardis sabotaged without the Doctor knowing about it? As far as I know, only one person know how to use the Tardis properly. River Song:) Oh and the Doctor.

    You know what, I've jumped up to 90% sure.
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    Also, since when can the Doctor use his Sonic Screwdriver as a laser type weapon? Sonic technology is quite versatile:)
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    Why would someone arrange to have the entire universe erased?
    That assumes they blew it up knowing full well the consequences. That's only one of a couple of possibilities:

    1. They blew up the TARDIS to erase the universe.
    2. They blew up the TARDIS for the cracks in time it'd generate before the universe was properly erased.
    3. They blew up the TARDIS to get at the Doctor, without understanding the larger effect it'd have.
    4. They didn't blow up the TARDIS by accident, but by mistake.

    The Saturnyne in Season 5 said that when the cracks in time appeared, all they saw through them was "Silence and the end of all things." We also saw Prisoner Zero escaping from one world to another through the cracks in time. The Silence may have used the cracks as a way to invade new worlds — which may have been their point all along.

    If the Silence blew up the TARDIS to get at the Doctor, maybe they did it to get revenge on him for what he did to them in "Day of the Astronaut" — even though it hadn't happened yet in his timeline?

    (If the culprit does end up being the Valeyard or something else from the original series that we haven't seen in the reboot — I'm going to be pretty shocked. That's not generally how Moffat rolls.)
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    Personally, I like the fact that the new seasons are giving us enough material to keep us guessing. I enjoyed the Davies era, but I watched it all out of order — because there wasn't enough between-episode plotting to keep me hooked and watching them in a linear fashion. But that changed as soon as Moffat took over, and suddenly kept having to SEE THE NEXT ONE RIGHT NOW OH GOD.
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    I still think someone else blew up the TARDIS in order to focus the Doctor's attention on the Silence. Something is piloting the Doctor into removing the Silence so that it can take over from them. If it were me writing, I'd bring back the Great Intelligence, but it could be anyone.
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    Depending on how magnificent bastardy the Doctor is being interpreted as at any given time... I'm betting it's the Doctor who will eventually be behind the whole thing, Doctor-zapping and TARDIS exploding included.
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    Sorry, I guess I meant to say, I asked that question and proceeded to answer it myself, as well as I could considering there is deliberate plotpoints that Moffat hasnt revealed, and thats were I came with my conclusion.

    I just dont want to go on another rant about something that I could be completely wrong.

    That's not generally how Moffat rolls.)

    I guess, but its a pretty obscure character that has only showed up like 2 or 3 times during the shows 50+ years running, plus its a character that's potential hasn't been fully realized. If I remember correctly, the Valeyard always had the same plot point, trying to manifest for real instead of just an ehtereal construct of the doctors dark psyche, and since the Master is no more? he needs a new archnemesis. I figure all of last season was its attempt to somehow manifest as a real boy (girl?)
    Wow, it'd be especially interesting if it ends up being a woman:)

    Plus, even though its a cliche, i think this sci fi trope fits well in the Dr Who universe.
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    Also? Romana. Possibly.
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    My twelve-year old said that, as well.
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    I'd be fine with that Warren.
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    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2011
    Okay, my brain might be making this up, but I recall someone saying something in an interview somewhere that there would be an old character whose name started with an R back and most people took it to mean the Rani.

    Am I going mental or did Moffat hint at that or was it Rich or someone?
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    I'll need to check, but I think I read something like that, referring to the Gaiman episode.
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    I can see what you're saying, but boy did the reaveal of what BAD WOLF really was stink.

    More importantly, my 8 year old daughter loved the opening two-parter and since the show really should be more for her than me (even though I love it), that's how I tend to judge its relative "success" or "failure".
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    @Mr Ellis

    Wow. Yeah! I also like this idea.