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    If the gun's unreasonable and you still want to go to the country, would some kind small-animal snare do instead? I don't know much about traps but I can only imagine that someone could manufacture one that packs pretty small, and you assemble Ikea-style.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2011
    For most people, most of the time, hiding and running away are the best options.

    As my old Sensei used to say, if you allow yourself to be put in a position where you have to fight then you've already lost.
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    Yeah I guess my rudeness on the gun thing was just because I'd focused on the "urban" angle here - my assumption being that the only viable way out is going to be through the help of other people and that killing them, or even carrying things designed expressly to kill them, is not going to be a plus.

    I mean, if you come to me asking for help to get out of sunny Australia, if you happen to be carrying a gun I will be very unlikely to help you and very likely to run the fuck away or try and take the gun away from you and then call the police. I'm just saying. In case you ask.

    Also, I saw a guy carrying a rifle down City Road the other day, near Sydney Uni. He looked like a happy and relaxed student and I know the uni has a rifle club so I assumed that he was carrying it legally and for a good reason. That said, despite it being in a carry case, it was pretty fucking obviously a rifle. It would be hard to carry one far enough to get out of Sydney, or even a smaller city like Wollongong, without someone asking the question - dude, WTF are you carrying that for?

    Sure, OK, the question wasn't likely to be about Australia. That said, there are lots of countries where the open carrying of weapons is frowned upon, and in times of emergency government agencies most anywhere are likely to take a dim view of anyone other than themselves carrying firearms.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2011
    i've been really enjoying this discussion. d'you think it'd be possible to edit the original post in the thread to contain a list of essential/unanimously-agreed-upon items, just to summarize the suggestions so far?
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2011

    This is perhaps relevant.

    Might be a good time to donate right now too.
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2011
    @allana - Definitely. I'll update sometime this weekend.
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011
    What allana said. Definitely an interesting thread!
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    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2011
    That does sum it up pretty well.

    I think most of the variations now are really going to involve the sort of disaster you are likely to need to sit out. There's stuff I'd prefer to have if stuck in a hotel or a refugee camp (the Superdome scenario), than if I have to be highly mobile and in a hostile area.

    The really horrifying thing about the Japanese earthquake/tsunami is the sheer number and variety of awful things it has thrown at the people - the actual earthquake, the resulting fires and radiological events, that then leads to power cuts and supply-chain breakdowns. There are volcanic events that may or may not be related. Pretty much the worst of everything aside from the sort of plague outbreaks one would see in the developing world subsequent to such an event. The Japanese were about as prepared as you can get.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2011

    The Costco version

    5x7 foot plastic tarp
    Crow bar
    2 pairs heavy working gloves
    Waterproof matches
    2 whistles
    Generic Swiss Army-type knife
    Plastic trash bags with zip ties
    4 emergency survival blankets
    4 ponchos
    8 multifunction warmers, lasting 20 hours
    8 tissue packs
    4 toothbrushes and 2 tubes toothpaste
    4 lightsticks
    50' of 1/4 inch utility rope -- made of twine, not plastic.
    Emergency ration bars
    Drinking water - 4 bags filled 10 packs of 4 fl oz each
    2 PVC water bags - 2 gallon capacity.
    2 plastic flashlights (needing D batteries)
    Waterproof radio (needing AA batteries)
    D and AA batteries
    Coloring book, 4 crayons, playing cards
    First aid kit
    Paper face masks

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.