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    A friend of mine wrote a script for a comic a few years ago, and set about producing the Real Thing. He talked to a publisher and scaled it down from a 12-issue limited series to a 6-issue mini, then, I think because of production costs, it was pitched as a single graphic novel. It works pretty well, and I think all of these decisions were good ones. The script is pretty solid.

    He set about self-funding everything got about three of the issues/chapters produced using artists from a studio in Mumbai, and then ran out of cash. I'm now putting together a Kickstarter project in hopes of raising the necessary funds to complete the book.

    The thing is, I really don't know what this costs. I mean, I had a pretty good idea about seven years ago when I was paying attention, but I am not really in tune with what the going page rate is for what we're doing.

    Approximately 50 pages need pencils, and around 70 need coloring. I am pretty sure we have the same colorist who did the first half of the book, so that's squared, but the original pencilers have gone on to other projects.

    So, what's the going rate these days? The book is essentially a superhero story, and most all of the concept work is done, so it's just a continuation of a miniseries. I'd say the art falls somewhere in the standard range of any of a number of superhero series over a span of time. I can provide samples if it would help.

    Oh, and this discussion will segue into, "So, are you free to pencil 21 or 30 pages in April / May?"
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    Post a link to samples of what's been done already so we know what's the style and flavor going with this comic, please.
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    Here are some samples from the first three chapters:

    01 Page 06
    02 Page 05
    02 Page 19
    03 Page 21
    02 Page 14
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    So, yeah. Now we're actively on the search for an artist. See above for the general details, and let me know if you need anything else.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me here or at home: