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    So, I just phoned a local gallery owner, and he's invited me to email a portfolio and an artist statement. Can anyone help me out here, give me an idea of what kind of information I should include to make my pitch successful?
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    First off, what kind of gallery is it? What kind of work do they usually show? You'll want to pick pieces for your portfolio that suit that gallery's style. For example, you wouldn't send photo-realistic paintings to a gallery that shows abstract photographs, etc. A book that is very useful in building your career as an artist is Taking The Leap by Cay Lang. An artist statement should make the reader want to know more about your work. It's kind of a rough direction pointer. Quoting from pg 36 "The artist's statement will be used in a number of ways, including to point the viewer to the concerns you consider to be important to the work, to set a tone for viewing the work, and to help publicists, curators, and critics write about the work."

    I'd say more but I'd just be quoting the book.
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    Cheers, thanks, that's helpful.

    I'm pitching to the Angell Gallery in Toronto, which deals in a wide range of modern art from the realistic to the bizarre. I'm pretty sure my stuff will fit in nicely.