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    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2011
    Hey Whitechapel,

    I've tried to give you a peak into Nordic Larp before.
    Now we made a documentary on a game we did last summer.
    Hopefully it'll give you a bit more knowledge on what larp can be :)

    Delirium was a live action roleplaying game about love and madness. It was aimed at grown up players and handled themes like relationships, feelings, perceptions of reality and the power structures in society.

    The game culture, characters and relations were created during 5 days of workshops. Here the organizers used facilitation and improv methods, to make the player group a trusting ensemble that developed the scenario together.

    Delirium used theatre lighting, sound and props to create a surrealistic setting. The idea was that the players shouldn’t play mad but that the interaction with the scenography would make them feel mad.

    22-25. of July 2010
    in Viborg Tinghal
    36 players

     See the documentary here:


    Delirium documentary from Nordic Larp on Vimeo.