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    Woke up this morning, feeling like I got ran over by a truck while I was asleep - a condition I can easily blame on the massive amount of shoveling my scrawny frame did yesterday before work (and has yet to do before I can leave this house).

    Taking stock of my supplies; I've got a decent stash of Windpower bristol to write nice pictures on, beads, glue and leather for the headset mod, duct tape in black and white, guiness, sketchbooks, some acrylic paints (though my stash is waning down to some bright reds, a few blues, linen, and gesso). As far as writing supplies go, I have my ink pen, microns, Copic brush-tipped pens and I really want to re-stock up on TRIAS soon...though there are some other markers that make me giddy. I like markers with a high alcohol content that blend like butter with a high pigment concentration.

    Dick Blick is the favored supplier to my art addiction.

    There should be drawings to come :)
    It's a snow day for the area, crappy as heck, the warnings are still to the tune of DONT GO OUTSIDE.
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    ...I'm working on psychology homework. Really.
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