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    Oldhat, Dorkmuffin, Stoto, Fauxhammer, Greasemonkey - *blushes until a third of my blood is now on my cheeks* Thanks...!

    Alan Tyson - Indeed it is, although it also gives you the very strong feeling of being naked, which is gradually fading away.

    Paul Sizer - Man, that is EXACTLY what I thought when I was done shaving. That and "oh fuck that goddamn lock of hair WON'T GO AWAY", followed by frantic shaving.

    Alastair - Thanks. When I finished shaving, I looked in the mirror and thought, "Well, at least now that I look marginally less friendly, freshmen and other people will stop coming up to me on the street with plastic cups badgering me for money". When I left the apartment, I was assaulted by one of the most insistent beggars I've ever met. I need to start walking with a gun or something.
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011
    @Andre: It looks good. I hate the skinned look and think most people look horrible with it, and i totally preferred your wavy hair, but you actually manage to pull this off! Though you look a bit like a gangster. Please add lots of gang tattoos and a wifebeater.

    Double post from the Saturday night thread:

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011
    *GULP* Sorry all, but in Robin's defense, it was a very discreet, respectful toast pic; nothing trashy and very sweet, actually. Nothing for her to be self conscious or timid about. : )
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    Oda - Thank you! Trust me, I prefer the hair as well, but it's been so utterly terrible recently, I needed a sudden change. It'll grow back. Hopefully. Also, you look absolutely stunning. Lovely hair.

    Oldhat and Paul - Aw, Robin, don't be shy! I agree with Paul, it was a really nice pic (and I know it wasn't a naked toast to me).
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011 edited
    Oh hi. I've been dragged away from the internets due to work and other such things lately. I worked 25 of the last 48 hours and woke up today with a loss of direction because I didn't have to be anywhere. So I grabbed some people and went to see Sucker Punch instead.


    Edited to add: Wait, Oda's hair is redder than mine. This must be corrected. ;)
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011 edited
    @Oda and Dextra: It's no competition, ladies. You're both absolutely lovely.

    I'll personally crotch-punch anyone who says otherwise.
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    I only read this thread to see all the pictures of beautiful women.
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011
    Tis I, in all my mountainous glory.

    the dude abides..
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011 edited
    ^--- I'd so tap that.

    @Dextra: Fresh henna will do that. Give it two weeks and I'll be faded as an old photograph. :)

    I took an all nice and decent photo for my mum to have in her office, as her latest pic of me is from when I was 14...

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    You know Andre, I was trying to work out why the bald pic was unsettling me and I realised your stubble looks unnervingly, in that light, like a robotic steel skull-frame on which the skin grafts haven't full taken in the back. I want to peel your face off like a bandaid.

    Speaking of unsettling, I had some photos taken at the Sydney Zombie March over the weekend.

    (y'all can check the rest of 'em out too if you like, I for one cackled with glee at the minecraft zombie and was greatly impressed by the dedication of the man gnawing on his own prosthetic foot)
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    Playing with the retro camera app for my phone

    Here's one I took of my daughter at lunch today
    Wide Eyed
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    pleased to be worthy.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    london hotel room, when i was down earlier in the month
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    Aw shit...I missed it again?!
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011 edited
    oldhat dreams about outdrinking me but, as i have no SPs to add, i'll shut up now.

    also @greasemonkey, keep us posted, i likes drinking with y'all.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    Lucien, I may not be able to outdrink you, but I can at least look more sober than you. We were about equal that night and I was still getting served drinks. :P
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    I remember you bragging about getting served because you had tits and Lucien didn't.
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011 edited
    hehehheh, i'll buy the tits argument. i've been thrown out of bars in toronto dead sober because some people think i look scary, the booze sometimes magnifies this effect, but i can operate pretty drunk, if that actually means anything, even though, i have, no idea, how to use, commas,, .

    edited to attempt to explain how i managed to get kicked out of bars while dead sober, but i figure it's probably uninteresting and would take too long. going back to my original strategy of shutting up now since i have no photies to share.
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    @Lazarus99 there's another in october!
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2011
    Finally got the nerve up to get a tattoo. I've lost 10% of my body weight in 13 weeks, figured I'd earned a little protection.
    (goddamn it this stings like a son-of-a-bitch how do you inked folk do it?!)