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    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2011
    'In her latex tights, fighting for your rights...' still works, I suppose.
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    No nation can afford to divert its ablest men into essentially non-creative and occasionally parasitic occupations such as law, insurance and banking

    I have a friend who says that about Britain, and the City of London: he said that, "If Britain were like Germany, people who graduated with first class degrees would go to work in engineering firms in places like Bangor; but the [only] way to make money as an employee in Britain is to go and work in the City, in Finance."
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    Pop Culture History #2.

    Ian Hunter. He did all the wildman rocker shit while the Stones were still in school. Look him up.

    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Xeni Jardin has littered her Flickr with technporn from the past.

    Tito's very threads

    Cosmonaut pisserCosmonaut pisser
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    Pop Culture History #3.

    Lance Link, Secret Chimp. Completely awesome kids' show from 1969, featuring an all-chimpanzee cast. Apparently the most expensive TV show ever made in inflation-adjusted terms, due to the high cost of the animal wrangling, extensive sets and multitudinous special props.

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    I bring you some goodies. I don't recall either of these being posted over here.

    Now, I don't really care much for snowboarding but this... this looks like it will be awesome!

    Art of Flight

    And for something completely different

    Death Metal Mario!
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    Eurogamer explains why M.A.S.K. was popular in a game retrospective.

    Basically, the heroes were pretty much... white trash.

    "MASK was fairly square, actually. If Optimus Prime and his robo-buddies were the CIA of transforming toys, mysterious and slick, MASK would have been the Coast Guard. (I'm starting to realise why I preferred it now.)

    MASK was made up of ordinary joes – hicks, for the most part, with names like Dusty Hayes and Hondo MacLean. These were names that might give the impression that you were actually dealing with a weary team of rodeo-clown-themed male prostitutes rather than an elite group of special agent types, protecting the world from menace.

    Their headquarters was a gas station. A gas station! Their leader had an annoying kid and drove around in a white-trash muscle car – the kind of car my uncle Mike bought during a bad breakup.

    And the hook for the series, the gimmick that made the whole thing special, was that they solved crime in their overtime. They were everyday losers with regular jobs. They were hobbyist heroes. Temps. They probably trooped over to the local Kelly's Services office every Friday for the free M&S lunch. "
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    Also, Lance Link is amazing. I will be spreading this video around. Ohhhh yes.
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    More Lance Link goodness. Every episode had a musical break featuring Lance Link and the other stars of the show as The Evolution Revolution, playing bubblegum pop written and sung by Steve Hoffman and performed by the Grass Roots' studio musicians. (The Grass Roots was the band in which Creed Bratton from The Office performed during the late sixties).

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    Now this is Superior trolling of your mates....

    Designer Oli Beale takes pictures of his mate James from facebook, alters them slightly and then posts them back on facebook. Needless to say his mate doesn't like it...

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    A DeviantArt page that creates cheap paperback novel covers for graphic novel series. These may have shown up here before, because in the comments for the Planetary cover, someone mentions that he should post them here at WC. The artist's reply:

    Ah, I don't know about that. It'd be a little "HEY! LOOK AT ME!" and people are reposting the redesigns enough that I'm sure it'll find it's way in front of Internet Jesus eventually.

    So if they haven't been put up here before, it's about time...
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    This kid is horrified of his Mom's nose blowing. Yet laughs his head of afterwards.

    Now taking bets on his future. Movie FX guy or horror movie director?

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    If You Watch It Backwards

    If you watch Jurassic Park backwards, it’s the heartwarming tale of scientists and dinosaurs working together to build an amusement park. Then the people betray the dinosaurs, putting them in cages and ultimately flying back to Montana to bury any evidence they existed at all.

    If you watch Leaving Las Vegas backwards, its about Nicolas Cage coming back from the dead and drinking so much alcohol that he becomes healthy again.
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    We've met. Look further back up the thread. That kid is my god...
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    Man builds his own TARDIS shed. And yes. It is slightly bigger on the inside.

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    @groonk - just looked at the the guys making of photos and spotted the delorian licence plate on his old shed. geek to the max!
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    50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

    (I'm saying nothing about that last image and how it might possibly be from someone's dim & distant youth. But, then again, they could all have been pulled from his fevered imaginings, really.)