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    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011
    Well I guess I'm ending February and starting March. Here's the inked version of the pencils I just posted in the Feb's thread.
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011
    @Lazzyfair, you've got some really nice textures going there, especially on Bossk. I gotta ask, though, where's IG-88?

    This is a work in progress which is far too large to post as an image - I'm having a bastard of a time re-sizing it for some reason.

    Here's a close-in detail shot of one of the better bits so far:

    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011

    Just finished this a few minutes ago, technically I'm 2 minutes before March here. I'm sorry universe. It's a "Mad Men" quote. Lastly, I already corrected the skinny wrist but saved it on another hard drive.
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    @ lazzyfair; Your landscape work is really marvelous. I second Tyson, there needs to be some IG-88.

    @ Meatgun; I really love the character work on the alien. Fantastic concepting.

    @ Alan Tyson; Their expressions really ground the piece for me.

    Insanity by Numbers
    A piece that I've been tinkering with for awhile.

    The concept/marketing of She-Ra always interested me. Better yet, if it had been successful, would that have created more assertive women/generation?

    Thundercats 2011
    I grew up watching Thundercats. This is the new Panthro and Cheetara. I'm very interested in how they're borrowing looks of different shows in this reboot.

    Big Love
    My partner and I have watched every season of Big Love. It's all winding down to its finale.

    Yay March thread. My birthday is this month so I will try to be less lurky and more active in commenting on all the wonderful pieces that are posted here. This is one of those threads that keep my weeks full of creativity.
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011
    Love that page, @lazzyfair! Very nice brush work :)
    Cool stuff, @Meatgun - this thread is already off to a great start and it's only a few hours old!

    Here's tonight's work- an ink and wash sketch for a friend in Germany of good ol' Spidey.
    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011
    Ha! Thanks guys! I didn't have room for our favorite assassin droid! I based this scen off of the the mexican standoff at the end of The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and well, there wasn't any room for "The Metallic". Its funny though, I showed this to someone tonight and their first reaction was "Where's IG-88?" as well. Thinkin' he might have to show up in round 2. I'm doing a few one page stories with STAR WARS characters as a warm up to a short graphic novel I'm going to start working on soon, so I guess I just figured out at least one character that has to be in the next one!

    I'm thinkin' March is going to be a good month. You guys really kicked it off with a bang. Can't wait to see what else you all have up your collective sleeves!
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    This one only half-counts. I was lightboxing this picture for a comic strip that I eventually realized wasn't worth doing, but I really liked this panel with the photo behind it at 1/3 opacity. Obviously it's a great photograph, but I inadvertently re-learned a lesson about breaking contour lines to achieve lighting effects while I was doing this. At that level the only values that showed through were more solidly delineated. All those colors underneath? That's the actual photo turning into what looks like some mid-90s coloring quality.

    I dunno. I can't claim any authorship of it, but it was a neat surprise while I was just messing around. And it taught me a little bit more in my own drawing progress. Plus for once I had some decent linework where it was, not just where it wasn't.

    Marilyn Monroe lightboxed

    EDIT TO ADD: in the strip the underlying picture was deleted so all you were left with was some B&W lineart.
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    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    A bit of sillyness, which is on Bleeding Cool:

    Black Panther concept - Noel Clarke
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    @lazzyfair...nice lines..
    @Brendan McGinley..nice didn't overdo with the's just right. weird coincidence but I 'm typing this while there Marilyn doco on TV.
    @HEY APATHY!...What program to you use for animating?

    Beginning a daily routine of drawing everyday since I've been slack and in a rut of late. Begin!

    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011

    Ha! Is that a Scotsman with a bad back? I dig it. Is this all digital?
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    @mojokingbee - that is a ridiculous scottsman! I make flip books in gimp and sequence them with MOVIE MAGIX EDIT PRO, no actual animation software just lot's and lot's of drawings.
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    @lazzyfair...i suppose he could be a scot. I wasn't thinking too much when I drew it. Let the hand do the walking...turned out ok though., gimp's that free image software, isn't it?
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    yeah, gimp is a free alternative to photoshop but I either have to write or add script to the program in order to get the batch conversion function to work. I don't even know what "script" is? It seems cool though users can Script there own gimp functions and share them with the world ( or at least with the world that understands all that stuff)
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    @ used_bandaid I love that!
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    @Richard Pace thankyou :)
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    Something silly and adorable. It's my grandfather's birthday soon, so I drew him a card. He likes pigs.

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    @used_bandaid...nice sombre colours
    @dorkmuffin...aww cute.

    daily sketch dose for myself...more play with perspective till I'm comfy with it. gun-thing looks meh..