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    Fine people of Whitechapel, I'm looking for some sketches/drawings/paintings of the characters German Ponce and I have created at

    I cannot pay anyone for this (sorry), so you would have to want to do it for exposure, practice, or just because you are a nice person.

    Skill level doesn't matter I will give equal attention to each artist on our twitter, facebook, tumblr, and blogger accounts. We have some 400 fans so there would be some benefit and I would always link back to a deviantart or website if I could.

    Character profiles and color shots are on the website if you're interested and I am available at:

    Heck, post the pictures you make on this forum, I'm game. You have my eternal thanks and if we ever meet I will buy you a drink for sure.

    • CommentAuthorDBed
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    What size image are you looking for?
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    Any size you feel like. Something that will fit on a computer screen I'm guessing.