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    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    Out of the sweeps and into the doldrums, for the most part. The Event is coming back on, for whatever that's worth, but White Collar is wrapping up next week. Still, I have been getting into Justified, so maybe things are looking up.
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    Hulu hasn't had any new episodes of the USA shows (apparently there's a 30 day wait) so for those of us who watch it there, I think there should be the rest of the episodes of White Collar (so please no spoilers!) and Royal Pains. At least I'm hoping. Fringe is continuing to be very interesting. Otherwise, same as usual, I believe.
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2011
    Fringe continues to impress.
    • CommentAuthorSteadyUP
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2011
    For what time it's got left, anyway.
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    Archer continues to give my life meaning.

    Recently caught the first episode of The Chicago Code and I was pleasantly surprised [disclosure: I'm a fan of The Shield & enjoy Shawn Ryan's generally over-the-top creations]. Need to catch up on that one and Justified, too.
    • CommentAuthorMaC
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2011
    Parks and Recreation is like four times the show The Office was, even at it's best. I'm really enjoying this yearand wishing it wasn't only a half season. So many great characters and funny jokes.

    The Office hasn't been too bad either. Pretty solid, in fact. A big improvement over last year. Curious to see how the Steve Carell leaving goes. I like him in The Office but for the most part his comedy movie career does nothing for me.

    For Drama I have nothing. Waiting til April for Game of Thrones and Treme Season 2
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2011
    And, it's confirmed that The Event continues to bring the stupid. Despite that, it keeps getting pretty good actors to appear on it. Virginia Madsen was on there last episode. Apparently she's a fan. Or the showrunners have a file folder of Hollywood talent having sex with dead sheep or something.
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    I have the hots for Virginia Madsen so bad I'd watch her fuck a dead sheep, and I still won't watch The Event.

    A heads-up for Sunday, BBC1, 9PM - last ever season of Waking The Dead starts. I'll miss Trevor Eve's insane creation Peter Boyd... but I also hear there's a spin-off with Tara Fitzgerald's forensic babe coming, called The Body Farm.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011
    Re: Fringe this week. Bwahahaha. Hello, Peter.
    I think Fauxlivia, just gained the upper hand.
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011
    This week's episode of /The Mentalist/ killed. Best show on television currently.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011 edited
    Here's a link to the new photo of the lovely and talented Adrianne Palicki wearing one possible interpretation of a Wonder Women. So, let's try this again, shall we and do lets keep it polite and civil this time, yes?

    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    Alright, in all seriousness, it's a really cheesy costume. Which could be fine in a world where a live-action Wonder Woman could be played like an episode of Brave & The Bold, but instead the show sounds like, well, this:
    The Daily Beast has obtained a copy of Kelley’s draft of the Wonder Woman pilot script, dated December 16, 2010—and it’s laughably bizarre. In Kelley’s vision, Wonder Woman is presented as a weepy career woman-slash-superheroine with three identities (Wonder Woman; Diana Themyscira, the chairman of Themyscira Industries; and mousy assistant Diana Price) to juggle.
    … Managing to be both cloying and tragically un-hip, Kelley’s Wonder Woman script seems an about-face for this 70-year-old iconic character. Merchandise meetings and legal jargon jostle uncomfortably with superheroics, pajama parties with saving the world.
    The result is a Wonder Woman who is more like Kelley’s Ally McBeal than the feminist superhero who stands side-by-side with her fellow DC icons Superman and Batman. This is a woman whose feelings are hurt by people commenting on her breast size, who is looking for love in all the wrong places, and who wants to have it all!
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    Fringe remains interesting albeit it is getting mighty weird, not that it was never not weird. XD
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    Watched the season finale of Royal Pains over the weekend. What an amiable show. It's like the producers of Captain Kangaroo took over House.

    Bob's Burgers is so wonderfully bizarre. In last night's episode, Bob's high-strung sister-in-law decorates the diner with paintings of animal assholes.
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    @StefanJ: I hadn't thought of it, but you're absolutely right. Amiable is just about the perfect word to describe the characters of Royal Pains.

    @DJ Stawes: I think more than anything, the costume looks cheap. The colors are a little too bright and shiny, and what should be metal looks more like plastic. And I deeply hope that the copy of the pilot script isn't real. Because there is one thing I am certain of - Wonder Woman shouldn't be "weepy".
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    So, Waking The Dead continues in its portrayal of one of the great insane coppers of out time, by having
    Boyd resolve a hostage situation by suffocating the hostage-taker's mother with a plastic bag, right in front of him.

    I am going to miss that show.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    Fringe got renewed somehow.

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    On the flip side of the coin: Genndy Tartakovsky's Sym-Bionic Titan didn't.

    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    Watched an episode of Cartoon Network shew called Adventure Time last night.

    It is a kids' show, not an Adult Swiim item, but it was quite enjoyably twisted.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011
    Adventure Time is fantastic. It's really surprisingly one of the funniest shows on TV right now, and I'd recommend watching through the whole thing if you get the chance.