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    This is my entire issue with the whole Steampunk 'movement'.

    There isn't really a canon. There's barely any substantial texts for it. It's managed to build up all the pop culture detritus of a literary movement without much in the way of literature to go with it beyond a lot of things that have been shoe horned in over teneuous connections. It's an aesthetic that's been latched onto without anything real to go with it.

    Which is interesting in and of itself but does raise a number of questions of how much of substance there actually is to it.
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    I recently read S. M. Peters' Whitechapel Gods, which I'd have to describe as a sort of utilitarian Steampunk adventure novel that has nice hardware. There's something really disturbing about Peters' female characters, though. He might be more Victorian than he realizes.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2008
    Going to throw in Edgington/Disraeli's Scarlet Traces. It's supoib.
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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008
    i've got a soft spot for the trigun manga, but i think it's more a science fantasy than anything else.

    my 'must read' list has now grown out of control, i'll probably never get back to Les Miserables