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    Do you know, I think I may have finally succeeded in sending Bob some traffic...
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    Yeah, i've been to thank you for that. It does create a certain spikage to the viewing numbers. But it can only go downhill from here, as people now expect to hear good mixes and not some stuff that was cobbled together at the last minute. Man the stress of it all!

    Oh and your linking has been noticed by a few of my friends up here, even that mate of mine who doesn't like any of your work but inexplicably reads you blog all the time!
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2011
    Finally getting round to putting my Witch House mixes up on Mixcloud. Here's Ghost Nebula. Bob, loving your mixes mate - more please!
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    Just uploaded a New Cloudcast! And because summer is here, it's all nice and fluffy.

    HA! only kidding. It stinks of lust, fear and death...

    Nordic Interstitial Thresholds "Filth..."
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    Quietude #6

    all covers this time.
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    and a new NITcast is up and running for the summer!

    The Mall Goth Super Summer Spectacular!

    Apparently after my last couple of mixes, some people noted that they were a bit dark, gothic and a little gloomy. So with that in mind, i bodged together some obscure 70s pop rock, modern indie psych, classic balearic beats and some muggy dub. Perfect for those long hot days.

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    new Wonderful Wooden Reasons mix is now online - here

    hope you enjoy.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2011
    It's been out for a few days, but hey if case you don't know, a new NITcast is in the cloud.

    Indian Summer Lifeforce Liposuction...

    A mix for those late summer evenings. Starting of with a mix of (mostly Turkish) 70's Psych and modern sound, then it swoops into some ambient sound, shoegaze guitars and wobbly dub sounds. Have a listen!
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    the new NORDIC INTERSTITIAL THRESHOLDS cloudcast is up and running!

    I sleep the endless sleep...

    After the fun and light of the last couple of months (summertime may have had something to do with it), the nights of darkness are coming back and therefore it's the perfect time for some real downer music...
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2011
    Nice one bob!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2011
    ok it's been a while but Nordic Interstitial thresholds is BACK ONLINE!

    So this month's mix is just in time for Halloween. Some cranking, scraping sounds of doom and trepidation....

    "Listen, do you hear that? There's something out there..."


    1 Continents - Jodis
    2 Massat - Ajattara
    3 Night After Night - Ike Yard
    4 Skin - The Vanishing
    5 Ham Green - Beak>
    6 Lantern - S. Mcloughlin & A. Cooper
    7 Evening Of Light - Nico
    8 The Skull Is Built Into The Tool - Roll The Dice
    9 Con Ferma Ostinazione - Ennio Morricone
    10 7 Note (Film Version) - Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera
    11 Biomutanten - Les Vampyrettes
    12 The Magic Is In Process - Nico Fidenco
    12 Hounfour (Temple) - The Haxan Cloak
    13 Temple - Aex Barnett
    14 Le Petit Garcon - Les Joyaux De La Princesse
    15 Des Abends - Vladislav Delay Quartet
    16 IV - Rose Croix
    17 The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion - Pan Sonic & Barry Adamson
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2011
    A new Cloudcast is up and running!

    Andskotinn Einmana Jökull Tónlist - Episode 2: Revenge Of The Krútt!

    This months cloudcast sees us return to Iceland, the land of the Midnight sun. Except now, instead of bright sunshine, we're bathed in eternal darkness as the legions of the cute and the twee run rampant across the countryside, annoying people and scaring livestock.
    To remedy this situation, we've again scoured the sonic backwash of the country's musical past and present to create this mix of interesting and arcane tracks, so as to ward off those evil elves...


    1 Standing Wave - Kimono
    2 Make Me Righ - kolrassa Krókríðandi
    3 Push - Bara Flokkurinn
    4 Pentatróník - Apparat Organ Quartet
    5 3rd Poem - Curver
    6 Ambeth - Two Step Horror
    7 Return Of The Pigs - inside Bilderberg
    8 Uterus Water - Kría Brekkan
    9 Dánarfregnir Og Jarðarfarir - Sigur Ros
    10 Eistnaflug - Manslaughter
    11 Ásareiðin - Sólstafir
    12 tungumal - Norn
    13 Gulikall - HaZaR
    14 Monoliths - Ruxpin
    15 As It Is - Yagya
    16 Ugla - Auxpan
    17 In The Embrace Of New Morning - Ganesha
    18 Memory Valíum - Futuregrapher
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2011
    Nice mix bob.

    I made a basic mix while I figure out what it all means >The-east-coast-burnout-mix <
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2012
    Whoo Hoo!

    After a much needed break from proceedings, Nordic Interstitial Thresholds is back on the air with a new mix!


    No speaking bits from me this time (i will be back, i promise), but this mix is split into 2 parts, "The Gateway" and "The City". See what you think...


    High pitch polytone irdial...
    1 - Silence - Portishead
    2 - Excerpt From Fact Mix 307 - Ayshay
    3 - Essiniya (Nass El Ghiwane) - Troupe Majidi
    4 - Hafer Gabrak Bidi - Omar Souleyman
    5 - Abu Nidal - Muslimgauze
    6 - Believe - Logan 5
    7 - Moonlight (Neurotic Drum Band Version) - Chris Carter
    8 - Dre?Ms - Bl?Ck † Ceiling
    9 - Warn-U - Ayshay

    Note Version - Czech Lady Irdial
    11 - Initial Conditions -Reptilicus
    12 - Awakening Day - blues Control And Laraaji
    13 - Der Prophet -Eroc
    14 - Sorrow Show - Space System
    15 - Circle - ????e??
    16 - Stonekiller - Source Direct
    17 - Towns That Disappeared - Robert Hood
    18 - Kailash: Last Village - Popoh Vul
    19 - everything Is On The Point Of Decline - The Caretaker
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    For your edification, it's the inaugural edition of The Outer Church Community Broadcast on London Fields Radio featuring Warren Ellis and Laurie Penny discussing robot cigs, hauntology, pasta sex and more, much more:

    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2012 edited
    Because I'm a total nerd, I've started planning a series of mixes for various RPG campaigns I've been in. The first is a drummy and/or bassy affair for Shadowrun, of all things.

    The Kowloon Run

    Hong Kong, 2070.

    Rule #1: Style over Substance.

    "Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without style. To do a dangerous thing with style, is what I call art." - Charles Bukowski

    Better bitrate here

    Hybrid - Break My Soul (Instrumental)
    Calyx - Follow The Leader
    Demdike Stare - Caged In Stammheim
    Vex'd - Lion VIP
    Moving Ninja - Witchdokta (30 Hz Remix)
    Dusk + Blackdown Vs. Grievous Angel - Iqbal's Groove (Dub)
    Hybrid - Tramsmigration III
    William S. Burroughs & Material - Soul Killer
    SP:MC - Taiko Dub
    Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance
    Vex'd - Fire
    Demdike Stare - Past Is PastBuy
    Hybrid - Empire (Orchestral Edit)
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2012
    A new NITCast is now here!!

    The Realm Of The Outsider....

    Some nice spatial, disturbing music to remind you that people are scum and it's best off to be alone to your own devices...


    1: Marble Station - Sort Sol
    2: On Location - Robert Rental
    3: Ex Giants On Dope - Heroin In Tahiti
    4: Tonspur - Monoton
    5: Fortress - Opus Finus
    6: Nothing - René Halkett & David Jay
    7: Artificial Horizon - Shoc Corridor
    8: Birth - Raudive
    9: Megaton - Brother Raven
    10: Function - Emptyset
    11: Intermission...
    12: Jeff and His Animals....
    13: Mission Creep - The Grey Wolves
    14: Repetition - The Soft Moon
    15: Every Ill Man - Human Flesh
    16: Disintergration - Cindytalk
    17: Look Out! The Fucking Hot Jet - Thela
    18 Wolves Of Worcestershire (Intro Excerpt) - The Dancing Did
    19: Mammon - AMFJ
    20: The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh - Powell
    21: Ishmael's Intent - Demdike Stare
    22: As For The Fools - Boyd Rice & Friend
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2012
    Always love it when Bob posts a mix and I don't recognise a single name on the list. Top class mate, on the DL now!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2012
    oh i think you'll like AMFJ - he's my mate!
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