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    Tweetdeck? Became unstable for me.
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    does anyone know if an ipad (or ipad2) would be a suitable replacement for a pc? (with some kind of portable keyboard attachment)
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    Thing is, you need a PC to sync it with iTunes.
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    Ah ok so it's pretty strictly a peripheral. Good to know:) Cheers
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2011
    I too still run XP (64bit) on my mothership and scout PCs. I've seen nothing of 7 (which is loaded on the wife's scout PC) that inspires me to consider abandoning an OS I have literally tweaked into a symbiotic relationship with me, my instruments, my web presence, my depraved sexuality and gardening tips. I use old Mac G4s in my mulch pile from which spout obsolete, though delicious taters. Apple is more of a pomme de terre starter kit for me.