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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2011
    So I have less than 30 days to raise 2k toward my 2011 convention circuit and as an incentive to help me out, I'm putting together a photobook of images shot in the Graphoscope Travelling Photo Dispensary throughout the year.

    I even made a ridiculous video

    And of course I'm offering various pledge prizes. Fellow Whitechapelers, Lastwear, have partnered with me to offer some of my higher level contributors custom garments. Meaning you can get a bunch of Lex Machina photography [keep it for yourself, give it away, make a shrine, whatever] and some Lastwear for less than it would all cost retail.
    Plus, every pledge comes with free warm fuzzies.

    What exactly is it? This project specifically is a photobook from my 2011 con tour. The more I make, the more events I can reasonably expect to do.

    Graphoscope, as a side-business, will be based in Detroit and operate much like one of those "old time" photobooth businesses, except that I will specialize in victorian-style sittings and real, physical, photoprints that look like antique cabinet card portraiture. Also, most of these photos will be seriously anachronistic and contain subjects that are steampunks, bands, artists, dancers, cosplayers, comic creators, DJs, circus folk, alt models, and other fellow weirdos.

    Which means the book (hopefully books) will be full of really interesting images.

    So help out if you can, get the word out, and give Detroit something slightly more worthwhile than a Robocop statue.

    I'm @lexmachine on twitter and lex machina on facebook if you pledge and help pimp the project, be sure to tag me/add me

    Love and sprockets!