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    Due to the overwhelming success of oldhat's still ongoing punk/metal thread, I thought I would start a similar thread, this time on good hip-hop.

    I for one am interested more in awesome beats than the words - current faves are Flying Lotus, pretty much all of Madlib's stuff, and Aesop Rock - but sometimes the words just get in there and fester, like the opening vid below. But I'm interested in whatever you have to say on the subject. Videos or links are encouraged! Old school or new school!
    Let's get started:
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    I'm always into promoting the DOOMTREE crew because they're all immensely talented, from my city, and some of the nicest musicians I've ever met. They've got 5 rappers (several of whom produce on the side), and 2 producers (one of whom sings on the side).

    First up is a guy called Cecil Otter. If Doc Holiday, Woody Guthrie, and Johnny Cash were playing cards together, Cecil would take their money and drink their whiskey. His lyrics recall simpler times, but often with dark undertones; his production similar, with lots of acoustic guitar licks and piano that he plays. His next record, "Porcelain Revolver", will be released on Doomtree Records and also Sage Francis' record label Strange Famous Records later this year. This song is called "Boxcar Diaries":

    And this song is called "Rebel Yellow":

    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2011
    Oh many to choose from. I'm at work, so I'll just name a few off from memory.

    The Hieroglyphics. Much much MUCH love to this group. I love their beats but really the lyrics, especially for the song At The Helm, is amazing.

    Second up, Busdriver. I've only heard one album and a handful of singles, but damn can that man flow his lyrics with great speed.

    Argh. there is SO MUCH MORE I know of, but as I said, I'm at work and just got handed a big assignment to do. More from me later!
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    Hmm, let's see. Hip hop, you say? That I have.

    We have the gods of Czech hip hop, and one of my favourite hip hop bands in all Europe,
    (And some more WWW)
    Also, Vladimir 518

    A Slovak classic:

    Some of my favourite French artists too, like
    Freeman (with Khaled)

    And Estonian:
    Def Räädu & J.O.C.

    I'll leave UK hip hop to Mr. Texture, but I have to recommend his own work in case he doesn't do it:
    Morphamish+Texture - Echo Boomers by morphamish

    And well, if I got started on Spanish hip hop I would never stop, so I'll just link to my several mixes on the subject and be done with it.
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    Brother Ali: probably the best albino muslim rapper in Minnesota.

    Take Me Home

    Rain Water
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    KONFAB, out of Cape Town, South Africa.

    How We Roll
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2011
    Dälek - Asylum (Permanent Underclass)

    cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs

    I can't get enough of those two.
    • CommentAuthorTC-Cork
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2011
    totally second Madlib, Aesop Rock, and Busdriver

    some rap talkers and beat makers:

    El-P -

    Childish Gambino -

    Oh No-

    really diggin some Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All lately -

    and you cannot have this thread without some Wu-Tang -
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2011
    My current hip-hop obsession is Angel Haze, who's only released a couple of mixtapes so far, but has some great rhymes.

    I don't think any internet discussion of hip-hop can avoid Lil B, so here are a couple of my favorite tracks from a recent mixtape of his:

    Bitch I'm Bill Clinton (his surreal catchphrase gag mode)

    Bashido Blade (his stream-of-consciousness reflective mode)

    Beat-wise, I like Lil B's bandmate Young L, particularly this, which sounds like it's been influenced by the wonky/aquacrunk/whatever-it's-called stuff:

    The Pack - Worried Bout Mine
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    OH MY GOD best idea ever.

    Before other people post them:

    (Blakroc is the Black Keys plus whoever else they could bring along)
    (Why? features Yoni Wolf of cLOUDDEAD, who definitely are awesome)
    (That version of Bridle features Jolie Holland and it is LIVE!)
    (Janelle Monae is strictly more R&B related but BigBoi features and this video is UNREAL)

    And I'm sure I'll come back here later. I edited this post twice after submitting it initially.
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    Having fun listening to some old faves on this page and discovering new stuff. Here's a group that I really got into a few years ago when their one and only album was released. Lots of jazzy sample melodies, which are great.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2011 edited

    Nice find!

    this is what i meant about youtube becoming a "visual radio" at
    my stunted short movie thread.

    Onto my first love - Hip Hop...

    If Hip Hop started had started in the soulful
    it would have sounded like this. She's ,
    an Independent unsigned artist...someone's messing up...

    Elle Maxwell - "Era of escapism"

    Beats you say ? Beatcentric huh, ok here's something straight from the kitchen,
    made right before your eyes. This guy has an epic reputation online
    for his talents. I want these instrumentals....

    King I divine - "Horizon beat"

    i love this too..

    king I divine - "kiss me baby"

    i'll end on something different , the video i did for Lil B's
    song im God.

    Lil B - "im God"

    Heri Mkocha
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    On the serious tip I'm equipped with the gift

    There's so much good here so far.
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2011 edited
    Great idea for a thread, but i was thinking maybe because Hip Hop is so vast we should have
    done a thread or threads in some type of sub genres, you know like Boom Bap era hip hop,
    best Hip Hop lyricists, instrumental hip hop etc...

    anyway, back to the beats...

    Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga. Using the "Mass Appeal"
    Gangstar instrumental , a lament record for the
    death of Guru MC of Gangstarr..

    Mike Bigga - "Guru Salute (RIP Guru)"

    One of the great Hip Hop remixes, the Pete Rock
    Remix of Public Enemy's shut em down.

    Public Enemy - "Shut Em Down" [Pete Rock Remix]

    PMD after he split up from EPMD, his best song solo in my opinion.
    Long video intro though...

    PMD - "Rugged N Raw"

    Heri Mkocha
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    Along with immense amounts of talent (he's an excellent producer, see his TV On The Radio remix; he lead sings/plays guitar in Punk outfit Building Better Bombs; not to mention he is, for my money, one of the best rappers birthed out of the 2000's), P.O.S. is one of the more unique hip-hop artists out right now. Cheers to DorkMuffin for already mentioning him. He blew up a little a couple years ago with his third proper solo album "Never Better". He started playing bass with an affinity for punk rock (he still references/samples bands like Fugazi and lots of his tracks have that abrasive, percussive punk aesthetic). He soon got into hip-hop along with his friends -- who would go on to form Doomtree -- in high school and he began experimenting with rhyming. Soon the two would blend together. There's lots of assholes in bands, and there's just as many that are rappers. This dude is so fucking nice, you'd swear he was a youth counselor on the side. If you go to one of his shows, chances are you'll see him hanging outside. His records are conceptual, but just barely, not overtly so. All of them are great, but starting with Never Better and working your way backwards to Ipecac Neat might not be a bad idea. Hopefully his next album will be released later this year. He'll be at Coachella with another band he's in, Gayngs this weekend.

    Here's a taste of that punk-aesthetic I was talkin about:

    And here's more of a "lava-banger":

    I strongly suggest getting into this dude.
    • CommentAuthorG. Foyle
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
    Lampcommander's post has motivated me to post a link to this track, that samples the Smooth Ice lyric. . .

    A to G
    But this is probably my favorite Blackalicious track:

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    shameless self promotion, submerge(my group) feat bipolarbear.

    anything off of new cocoon emcees and producers from all over the u.s. and europe, the record label that i'm on.

    anything off of antropoworks emcees and producers from europe, our label does a lot of collaborations with them.
    all that stuff is free.

    also, of proletariats, late 90's hawaii hip hop, genius stuff and one of the reasons i started rapping.

    deep puddle dynamics - slug, doseone, alias, and sole, all on one album? really? one of my favorite hip hop albums ever.

    alias and tarsier, trip hop awesomeness.

    ceschi ramos folk hop

    shape shifters

    rifleman and pterradacto

    daedelus feat busdriver and pigeon john

    taphead gets extra props for rocking clouddead!
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
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    the only thing this forum ever does, is deliver, magnificently.