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    On Monday March 14th a unique collaborative project involving an
    impressive collection of webcomic creators will begin publication on

    A few months ago, Jason Brubaker, the guy behind the Xeric award winning
    (soon to be real life) online graphic novel, reMIND, announced that his
    comic would be going on hiatus while he worked on volume 2 and that he was
    in need of guest posts to fill the void.

    I answered the call by writing a nine page story set in the world of
    reMIND and assembling an international team of comic creators consisting
    of myself and eight others to illustrate it. We will each illustrate one
    page of the story in our own signature style. The story will be published
    both on my website on the reMIND website (, one
    page a week, beginning next Monday (Mar. 14).

    The illustrators on this project are:

    Aviv Itzcovitz of Stupid Snake
    Daniel Lieske of The Wormworld Saga
    Jim Francis of Outsider
    Joost Haakman of Semmie the Forestgnome
    Kim Ku of Hearts and Holes
    Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando
    Peter Hon of Malden
    Sarah Ellerton of The Phoenix Requiem
    Christopher Wrann(me) of Aquarium Drinking

    You can find more information about this project on my website