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    Oh boy....this one is a dozy. So last weekend, instead of Masterpiece on PBS, we got the 25th Anniversary Performance of Les Mis. And then I heard this:

    I immedaitley fall in love with it, I watched the entire performance and loved almost everything about (except for that plank of wood they hired to played Marius, Nick Jonas.) And then I thought to myself, "I enjoy zombie flicks, batman comics, Garth Ennis Stories, and other somewhat manly things. And yet I wanna watch everything about this thing?"

    I've loved certain musicals before, but always thought they were someone else's thing, and the ones I've liked, I thought of as exceptions.

    And then thought,"I wonder if I could start a musical thread on Whitechapel, and see if other people thought the same way?"

    So share why you like certain songs, or entire musicals. Use videos if possible, and let's what what concoction we can come up with.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2011
    @Laser Lemon Betty, find the 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis. It's vastly superior, and it has the woman playing Fantine as Eponine (widely considered to be one of the best Eponines ever, she went on to be the voice of Mulan and various other cartoon singing voices). I found out about the 25th anniversary one and watched some of it and was not only disappointed with Marius but also Eponine (who I thought was alriiiiiight but still needed some refining. She got cast because she was on a reality show in Britain).

    Choice excerpts:

    Apparently the whole thing can also be viewed here. This particular recording was an integral part of my childhood and I strongly recommend this if you loved the other one. It blows that one out of the water. I guess I know what I'M doing today...
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    @ dorkmuffin. Bought the tenth anniversary album a few days ago. Loved it! But now that you mention it, you're correct that the 25th Eponine wasn't that good. When I saw the 10th "A Little Fall of Rain", I could feel her pain as she was dying. You're right that the 25th Eponine, was not as good.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.