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    I guess I'm kind of lucky that I don't know anyone in Japan, but hell, anyone who isn't in Japan is kind of lucky today :(

    Regarding the comic I have a creeping sense of doom that Alice is going to burst into the basement, see what's going on and open fire - wrecking everything. And there's still the big threat of whatever scared Mark so bad...

    @dddrum - I believe the letters are "L_TT__ _HEF" which would make it a Little Chef. They're usually found beside motorways, so that could be a flashback to Alice's journey south.
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    Last panel = incredible

    Hoping the body count is as low as possible in Japan.
    • CommentAuthorkatrina
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2011
    our country had a tsunami alert up for our entire east coast, but the waves had diminished significantly by the time they arrived. i'm doubly thankful as we are nowhere near japan's level of preparedness and organization. i do believe they'll pull through wonderfully. but my heart does go out to those who've been affected.
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    @Purple Wyrm
    Bang on the money on every count! :D Although technically that exact building is now a Starbucks, it used to be a Little Chef, and that felt right.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011
    BLood Halo! Metal
    • CommentAuthorsnafu
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011
    I just see this ending badly for all concerned. Love it!
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    I sure hope not! I love Freakangels and Alice. They'll sure put the world right.
    If it ends badly, not sure i'll buy book six...
      CommentAuthorPurple Wyrm
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2011 edited
    @Paul Duffield - Aha! Starbucks Chiswell Green

    The disturbingly obsessive Google Earth file has been updated :)
    • CommentAuthorceallachan
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2011
    I live in hawaii and those "tsunami waves" were weak sauce. waves were barely any bigger than normal. As for the comic, great work as usual. can't wait to get my next week fix
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    ...oops, move along, nothing to see here...
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    Gots me a feelin' Alice is about to Freak-out on some 'Angels...

    Given, our band of psychic misfits can't die, I could see Alice getting fed up and trying to waste the crew for what she perceives as the betterment of Whitechapel...or at the very least Mark, of whom she has a personal disdain for...these guys just can't seem to do anything right...granted,the 'Angels each have separate useful talents beyond their supernatural gifts,Jack's a scavenger/resource provider, Miki's a doctor, Kaz is an engineer, and Arkady does...things...then you have a few who are not in to the greater good thing, just into themselves and such, like Mark and recently Luke, but he seems harmless since they neutered him, and Sirkka, who runs a harem...actually, she is providing a great service that our society seems to frown upon for some reason; calm the masses with orgies! Despite these things, I feel there's a strong case for Alice to stage a coup and to try to usurp the role of leader, through force or reasoning, seeing as how our purple-pupil-protagonists can barely get along enough to tolerate each other, much less act as an organized political junction...they just don't seem mature enough to be in charge of rebuilding society, they certainly seem to be out-of-touch with the general population, that is, with the exception of Sirkka...I see the Freaks more as a peace-keeping or enforcer unit rather than lawmakers...but then again, as we've seen with Arkady and Luke, when traumatic "deaths" occur, the package seems to instill an enlightenment of maybe there's hope for our little Republic of Whitechapel after all haha! They could just play a nice game of Russian roulette with a loaded gun, or a literal game of hangman, or even machete tag with each other until they've all reached omniscience...

    Also, just HOW powerful is the package? Would they perchance be able to transfer their abilities to "normal" people if they were to reach a powerful enough state? Even if only temporarily...seems a shame not to let Alice in on the noggin faculties if it were a possibility, because she seems in my eyes to be the only take-charge, no nonsense leader-type in the whole assemblage ...Conner was able to upgrade all the 'Angels collectively and from a distance, so they may be able to reach a powerful enough state to where they can "wake up" a normal person's brain...but, then again, maybe the package itself just turns you into a pretentious cock-knocker capable of self aggrandizing and general douchbaggery with a savior/hero-complex...

    No really, their efforts are noble and honorable, but without some kind of cohesiveness and leadership, they seem destined to be the architect of their own demise...maybe Mark had the right idea, but his selfishness kept him from realizing that goal...

    ...ah, just like Mr. Ellis to prod MY brain into doing some actual thinking...and for that I thank him, because between the sex, drugs and rock and roll that my life is embroiled in, I sometimes forget to use that grey matter that is lodged in my skull ...

    As for myself, being on the eastern U.S. coast, I guess I have little to fear from the earthquake/tsunami, so thank Odin for that! As for what I been dong, I just returned from an out-of town gig with my band, where, after our set, we were told what I thought was one of the best compliments I've heard about my music; a member of the opening act stated to me that our music seems to be a cross between Tool, Soundgarden, and Pantera! Wow! My ego has officially been stroked...though it is taboo and most musicians frown upon critics and fans comparing their sound to more prominent acts(the case being that most musicians thrive for originality in content,and want their sound to be distinguishable and recognizable from other artist, or at least in my experience it seems to be the general consensus, with the exception of cover and tribute bands... and Puff Daddy), but I'll take that comparison any day...I take all compliments and criticism from anyone, it's all publicity to me in the end...

    (Edited to add other thoughts and rants)
    • CommentAuthorKealan
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2011
    I'm looking forward to the next climax in the story. Since Alice stepped into the pages I was amused at the idea that she would get killed somehow in a really cool way. As for Luke he deserves a psychic bolt where the sun don't shine and other places where it don't shine either. I'm not really sure how things are going to go with Mark because I am constantly surprised by the changing storyline but I hope we get to see him get punished for his crimes. More full frontal nudity would also be much appreciated, no really I mean that!!! :D
    Really enjoying it, for a while I thought a 13th would show up somewhere.
    • CommentAuthorKian
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2011
    I only just recently read through the archives for the first time (took me a couple of days, couldn't stop flipping pages). I'm curious to see what happens next, although I have to admit the ending of 126 was kind of a disappointment. Doubly so because that's when I ran out of updates, which made me sad.

    I wasn't disappointed because of anything wrong with the comic itself, but rather the way Luke was treated made me mad at the other FAs. Which itself is commendable of the authors, getting me to actually care about the characters. Kaz's comment that she was bothered that Luke would be healed without punishment is what bothered me the most, I think. Followed by everyone else apparently agreeing shortly afterward.

    Now, I admit I had little sympathy for pre-bullet-to-the-head-Luke. At least until... the guy who was watching over him shot him for the lulz (new, don't recall all the character's names yet). I don't care for rapists, or mind controllers, but torturers aren't much better. They're actually about the same, really. They're all deriving satisfaction from exercising some measure of control over another.

    Things just go downhill from there. I can understand Alice taking things personally and looking to kill Luke. She got to experience being mind controlled first hand. But what possessed everyone else? Continuing my list of things that just aren't cool, murderers don't get a free pass either. And Jack chose to be that when Luke had done him no wrong and was no longer a danger to anyone. If Luke had a gun, it was because Jack gave it to the other guy, and the other guy was dumb enough not to listen when Luke explained how little danger the water represented.

    So Luke gets killed, and drags his body back to Miki's. A changed man, willing at least to recognize how fucked up he was before, and how fucked up he still is. Now I'm not crazy about (helicopter lady, forgot her name too), but she reaches a new low when she breaks a chair on the guy's head because he was 'annoying to listen to'. Holy crap. The guy wasn't even being insulting to others, but sharing the insights that having a hole blown through his head had given him. You'd expect someone could stand through the overly long speech given the circumstances. Maybe there was something of value there.

    Then Miki joins in the abuse, and neuters the guy.

    So after the guy has been tortured, killed and neutered, Kaz figures he's still not been punished. Up to this point Luke's crimes have been being kind of a dick, two charges of mind control and one rape (and shooting helicopter girl down, I suppose. But apparently she doesn't mind so much, since she refuses to learn how to teleport later). And despite how terrible those crimes are, there is such a thing as too much punishment. And there is such a thing as the wrong punishment.

    By this point, why are they even punishing him? It's not about anything he did anymore, but about how they feel. They're punishing him not because what he did was wrong, but because they're not satisfied. They want some closure. The torture might have been enough, only he managed to escape. Death would have been enough, but he lived trough that. Castration should work, but hell, Miki had all the fun with that one. No, they need closure, and a fun group activity.

    So what do these morally upstanding, happy shiny people who are trying to learn to solve their problems rather than perpetuate them decide? Let's rape him, repeatedly. Because rape is the best medicine. And it is rape. They're inflicting the experience of rape on him. What's the difference between raping someone with a dick and raping them in the head directly? The experience is literally the same for the victim. Do some people deserve to be raped, so that makes it ok? Even if he deserved it, it still makes rapists of the perpetrators.

    Which is why I have mixed feelings going forwards. I can grasp that the characters are flawed, given to excess, not necessarily fair or wise. But I draw the line at 'the protagonists are ten rapists'.
    • CommentAuthorAmhuinn
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2011 edited
    I sort of agree with some of that. I do think Luke needed to be punished and I think having him experience what rape feels like seems appropriate in some ways. It's just that he does seem to be getting punishment on top of punishment. Even after he has been neutered, left seemingly a little brain addled and exceedingly vulnerable and having expressed remorse. I am kind of hoping this is the end of it now for the Kicking of Luke. I agree that there is such a thing as too much punishment. I think you're right in that they just never feel they have closure and so keep going. This time I am hoping that it is part of fixing him, though.
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    Agree with that. Fix him up and be done!
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    The difference in this case is Luke actually asked for the punishment.
    • CommentAuthorKian
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    Arguably, he asked them to rewire his brain so he wouldn't feel those urges any more, and that they erase the memories of him doing it. Caz thought that was too good for him, and apparently her beliefs spread to the rest. He certainly didn't ask for what they decided to do to him instead.
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    It's very flattering to me that people can get this involved in the work.
    • CommentAuthorKian
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    That's good to hear. I may not have stressed it enough in my rant, but I do think that it's pretty cool that you guys got me to care about the characters enough to be upset at them.

    • CommentAuthorAmhuinn
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    It is the prerogative of fans to fret about the moral complexities often waaaaaaaay beyond the intentions of the creator. ;-)