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    Dr. Sketchy's wants you... to be our new sponsorship coordindator!

    Sadly, our beloved sponsorship coordinator Shy Allott is returning to Portland, and we're looking for someone to take over her job. We're seeking a charismatic, audacious, self-motivated internet junkie to connect Dr. Sketchy's with brands. Small monthly stipend + generous commission

    Must be local to NYC, have their own laptop and internet connection, like spending all day on gchat conspiring with us, and above all, be able to work unsupervised. We mean this. If you need a boss hovering over you, you're not the right person for us.

    Find out more at

    Interested? Email us at with a biography and summery of your experience (both with coordinating sponsorships and with other examples of
    getting impressive things done). Also send us a link to your
    Facebook, Twitter and website. Degrees mean nothing to us. Smarts and hustle mean all

    DO NOT send resumes- I can't tell how good a writer you are from them.