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    • CommentAuthorCosRyan
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Greetings, lovely folks.

    I do a comic called Dead Ends, set in Worcester, UK.


    (hope I'm not too late.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Love this thread when it comes up - always get turned on to new stuff!

    Recently finished putting up issue one of Good Samaritan: Unto Dust from myself and artist Federico Guillen - it's both a webcomic and a print comic and lives at

    The Story: 1965 - Boston, Massachusetts - Father Bill Sullivan is a Roman Catholic priest with a secret – he wields an awesome power that he believes is given to him by God. The "Power of the Holy Spirit" manifests around him as nebulous tentacles of purple and gold energy and smoke. It allows "Good Samaritan" (as he calls himself) to hover, grab criminals and restrain them, subject thugs to the experience of their own crimes in his "Confessional", and occasionally render ultimate judgment by turning perps into dust while proclaiming, "Remember Man that thou art DUST and unto dust thou shall return!"

    Federico's new at this, but he's quite good, imho:
    Cover - Good Samaritan Unto Dust
    Good Samaritan Unto Dust 1 page 12
    Good Samaritan Unto Dust 1 page 13
    • CommentAuthorspatialamy
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Hello again, fellows.

    I illustrate a comic called Villainy . It's a superhuman adventure told in the vein of silver age classics and modern sensibility.

    It concerns a dry, ironic, urban sophisticate; a cheery and spacey party-girl; a child prodigy no more than ten... and they're the bad guys. Villainy follows their exploits as they battle superheroes, mingle with high society...

    ...and try to do it all without disappointing their superiors.

    Villainy updates once a week, generally on Mondays. The action just really got going, so I hope y'all check in now.


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    Hey peeps from all over! Hub here and me and my friend Teddy are co-creators of this weekly webcomic we've been doing since January 2010. It's called Work In Progress (WIP) or WIPCOMICS.

    Here's the cover to our first chapter!

    Life after college can go something like this: college reunions, birthday dinners, first jobs, overtimes, frustrations at work, new jobs, summer vacations. Repeat all these as necessary. Work in Progress (WIP) has these and some geekiness in between as we go through all the craziness and unpredictability of post-academic life.

    Hope you guys and gals drop by!

    Here's a page from our previous weeks! :D

    Here's a page from our previous weeks!
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    I have worked with a bunch of webcomics and webcomics related projects and podcast. All of which people can view a hub at

    The first webcomic I ever started is still going today, it started incredibly amatuerish, but I've been using it as a learning ground and I have improved much since I've started. This is PSI: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. Started as the "I'm going to make a webcomic." and evolved into a very complex story, including storylines pushing the barrier of the 4th wall during it's participation in The Crossover Wars, the largest multi-webcomic crossover event in history with over 50 direct crossovers and hundreds of cameos and references to others. This is my baby. My Hobby webcomic:
    PSI sample page

    The other webcomic I've been working on for a good while. Originally as an interim artist, but I've become a scripter/editor, and I am now also the COLORIST (Current art is by John Peters, and Concept and Story by Jason Dunstan, original artist (after Jason) was Trevor Adams). This is Ardra. A webcomic about a brilliant, young scientist, trying to raise intelligent, successful offspring without any emotional attachments. Plays a balance between some sci-fi, comedy, and drama. We are presently redoing the very first story (and almost done), to get ready for print!
    Ardra sample
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    Although I have three webcomics right now, the one I think people will be most interested in is All over the house. It's a sitcom running Monday to Friday.

    Here's a sample:

    All over the house: 'Bed Head'
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    I write a strip called Tree Lobsters. It's... ummm... well, here's a recent one:

    Tree Lobsters #239
    • CommentAuthorVinnie D.
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    My main comic is called AntiBunny, a weird mix up of Film Noir, Scifi, Talking animals, and a dash of superheroes. It's at

    I also have a second webcomic Scribook: the Book of Scribbles, which is just randomness off the top of my head. it can be found at
    • CommentAuthorrocketpig
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011 edited
    Variables 1992 #1

    My book is relatively new but it's updated consistently every Monday morning. It's a real world sci-fi take on what would happen if powered beings were introduced to the Earth. There won't be any people jumping rooftops in tights and capes (mostly), just a bunch of people trying to profit, steal, hide, or just stay under the radar of those who want to use these people for their own gain.
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    And we're out. See you next month. Thanks to all for providing so much fine reading material.