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    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2011 edited
    So I saw you could turn off the police scanner stream on, and just listen to the ambient stream. My wife says, "Hey, I want to listen to the numbers stations on top of that, too."

    I found this link at to the Conet collection, and it is really working for me. You just can't top the pure bulldada value, even with say an East German jazz combo orchestra fronted by Genesis P'Orridge flailing himself with a bicycle chain.

    Suggestions for other audio streams that would go well on top of the ambient feed?

    Also: Would anyone know how to use VLC or something similar to remix two feeds like this live, and restream it? Specifically to a UPnP target or Xbox.
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    Regular old voicemail messages are the best underneath music. A way for people to donate random voicemails straight from their provider systems to an ever-growing random-playing library is needed. (Yes people have already built libraries off of tapes from old machines, like that website I am forgetting).

    If someone could do a little curating, noise-reduction and volume-normalizing on the LBJ tapes they would be fun too.