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    I asked the good people of Page 45 a question about silent comics whilst researching our new project, Butterfly Gate. They were kind enough to respond with an exhaustive list and then sent it out to their mailing list to gather more ideas. Thanks Stephen!

    I thought I'd share the wealth here too. See below for details. If anyone's got any other suggestions, I'm all ears.

    "Now here’s a cracking question from customer Ben Read who, four months after the launch of the website, currently holds the record for biggest-ever online spending spree. You’ll have to go some way to beat it, but we’ll let you know if you do, and give you a great big public shout-out too!


    Thank you, the signed Locke & Key was a fantastic bonus. All the more so in fact, because it’s one of the comics that I’ve pressed on friends as a gift and had missing from my shelf. (I do that with I Kill Giants a lot too, which is why I keep re-ordering it). Truly thoughtful of you, thank you.

    Been away for a week so only just got to my parcel. Completely blown away by Weathercraft. Amazing piece of work. Funnily enough, my next brain pick question was going to be – can you recommend any good examples of ‘silent’ comics? I’m looking to do a ridiculously ambitious, long-form, no-dialogue piece, and would very much like to (steal) research whatever storytelling methods have been used to do this previously. Any thoughts?

    All the best,

    Ben x

    P.S. Teaser to project: LINK!

    Many thoughts – and a quick scurry round the shelves and a scamper down Memory Lane – reminded me of some of my all-time favourite comics:

    WEATHERCRAFT by Jim Woodring
    THE PORTABLE FRANK by Jim Woodring
    BLOOD SONG by Eric Drooker
    FLOOD by Eric Drooker
    THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan
    HE DONE HER WRONG by Milt Gross
    GRAPHIC WITNESS anthology
    CEREBUS ZERO by Dave Sim (2 out of the three stories)
    CEREBUS WORLD TOUR contains at least one classic silent strip by Barry Windsor-Smith, and another game of consequences between Dave and Chester Brown.
    ROBOT DREAMS by Sara Varon
    AGE OF REPTILES by Ricardo Delgado
    THE SAGA OF REX by Michel Gagné
    ALMOST SILENT by Jason
    WHAT I DID by Jason – (the SSHHHH! part)
    FOX BUNNY FUNNY by Andy Hartzell
    NOTES OVER YONDER by Scott Morse
    NEW ENGINEERING by Yuichi Yokayama
    TRAVEL by Yuichi Yokoyama
    ACTIONS SPEAK by Sergio Aragonés
    H DAY by Renée French
    QUIMBY THE MOUSE by Chris Ware (roughly half of the strips, anyway)
    THE BAKERS: DOES THIS BELONG SOMEWHERE? (over half the strips)
    TRAGIC RELIEF by Colleen Frakes
    METRONOME by Véronique Tanaka AKA Bryan Talbot
    A.L.I.E.E.E.N. by Lewis Trondheim
    MISTER I by Lewis Trondheim
    MISTER O by Lewis Trondheim
    WALKING SHADOWS by Neil Bousfield
    THE WALKING MAN by Jiro Taniguchi…

    … and, of course, every single one of Andy Runton’s OWLY books.

    Alas Peter Kuper’s THE SYSTEM, a visual relay race through the heart of a city, is out of print at the time of typing, but there are massive chunks of CEREBUS that are silent, most notably the incarceration scenes in JAKA’S STORY. Reading it as a book, it’s easy to forget how radical it was as a periodical: page after page of barred prison doors barely lit from above.

    Also, CATS ARE WEIRD and CAT GETTING OUT OF A BAG by Jeffrey Brown are mostly silent short pieces, Top Shelf published at least one younger-readers KORGI book that was silent, every single GON was silent, and Marvel dedicated an entire month to silent comics with mixed results. Certainly Chris Claremont was somewhat taken aback.

    If you can think of more (there are bound to be more) please do email us at and listen for the sound of me slapping my forehead at the other end."
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    NIGHT ANIMALS by Brecht Evans

    I just 'read' it yesterday. It's crazy.

    Thomas Ott's Shock-ending Stories, collected next week by Fantagraphics - R.I.P.: Best of 1985-2004. I love this stuff.