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    Saturday Night Open Mic, wherein you:

    * pledge your allegiance to me

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    * bay at the Supermoon

    * show me your face

    * tell me what you're doing tonight

    Tell me what's happening out in Whitechapel tonight.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Evening Uncle Warren. Of course i pledge allegiance to my bearded internet master who is the wellsource of all my knowledge and bile for the real world.

    What's happening with me right now? Well, when i haven't been howling at the Supermoon, i´m currently sipping tea and at my PC naked. In 20 minutes i get ready to go out to my "night" job whereupon i try to tell people not to throw bottles at their mates and urinate at our feet because y'know "it's Unhygienic and stuff". And of course this is not helped by -10C tempatures and driving snow... in the middle of march! Lovely.

    and then of course i get an advance copy of Iceland's big english language magazine, Iceland Review earlier this week. And i found this on page 50....

    Of course i'm totally chuffed with this as it means i've completed one of my main goals for this year (get published in more than one periodical). Plus they paid loads of money for the piece as well. But it has left me with a slightly weird feeling. Does this mean that i can actually call myself a writer? Even though i have been plugging away at this stuff for nearly a couple of year, I still kind of see all of this as something i do merely for my own amusement and to stop me from sniffing glue and vandalising postboxes. Oh well perhaps i shouldn't get too bogged down in that sort of thing. Especially as i don't have any other big issues in my life at the moment. Yes... life is good to me right now!

    Ok time for a shower. Don't drink too much whisky and i shall catch up with the forum at 8am tomorrow morning. In the meantime, i leave this piece of 80's funky soul that has been on my speakers for most of today...

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    You're an actual music journo now, Bob. Congrats. Just drop your liver into this bottle of Brennivin by the door.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    (plop)... well i never needed it anyway...
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    I pledge allegiance to the....wait...nope. Just pledge allegiance to myself. Sorry. :(

    So, let me tell you what I had happen to me that royally sucked.
    The other day, I had an awkward hug situation with one of my friends. Later, when I went to leave, I decided it would be fun to remedy the hug situation with a handshake. I stretched out my hand to my friend, grabbed his and then pulled him in for a hug/choke hold in one swift twirling motion. At that time, I felt a slight twinge of pain on my right nipple. Assuming it was just because his weight was quickly shifted into my chest, I disregarded it and went on with my business for the evening.

    Later on, I climb into the shower. I am casually washing myself when I move on to the "clean the 4 nipple rings" portion of the shower. I do the 2 in the left nipple and then move on to the right nipple. Dear fucking god, I couldn't see a ball on one of the two barbells there. Thinking it just fell off and that I would likely have to repierce a portion of my nip, I got a little panicked (these fuckers hurt, you see).... Sadly, I was not panicked enough. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the ball had not come off, but the ball had gone INTO my nipple.
    I have supplied the following doodle to graphically demonstrate what had occurred (pay attention to the last frame):

    I spent the next half-hour trying to find a way to remedy the situation (it wasn't as easy as just pushing it back out - my nipple was... constipated with metal).
    Eventually, I remedied it and replaced the barbell with a longer one to prevent future mishaps.

    That's what I wanted to vent about.

    I'm sure I'll come up with more as the night progresses.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011 edited
    getting in here early...

    * pledge your allegiance to me.... okay, i own two of your t-shirts and nearly all your writings.... and several of your skin flakes but allegiance? i dunno, i don't want to sound obsessed

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    i hate my job, but who doesn't? a band i am part of has stalled magnificently and i don't know if we should maybe just kill it and move on. i love it and i am so proud of it but on the verge of success it faltered and now hasn't rumbled in a long while. and now i've started this incredible (to us) new two piece that is creativity unbounded. we seem to never stop planning and creating! he's a photographer and artist and now we have art, images, ideas and videos! all to match these incredible songs! funky noise jazz! we played in a classroom in a community centre and had the kids dance class across from us doing routines! i dont know if i can go back to being in a simply 'metal' band. [ ]

    * bay at the Supermoon

    * show me your face
    i posted this in spit but why not here too?

    from the classroom sessions of [ ]

    * tell me what you're doing tonight
    i'm eating a joint of pork i roasted for 6 hours, its like butter. i'm enjoying a beer because my gf had a party last night but i couldn't drink due to having a driving lesson today, so i sat and smoked weed and played cards. she's playing pokemon and i'm internetting and petting the rabbit.

    i love this place and when it dies i shall be proud of the times i spent here.... thanks
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    @IcelandBob: Congratulations, man! Sorry to hear about the liver, but we must all make *hic* sacrifices for our work, no?

    @MikiM: . . .

    ...that's a hell of an act to follow!


    It's dinner time in the states. It's also quite pleasant outside. I don't trust it for a second.

    Been trying to contact a friend of mine about something rather important - nothing less than the potential of the two of us living together in Chicago this time next year. Yet she seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth - even her sister hasn't heard from her, and those two are pretty tight. I'm not exactly worried yet, but she's never just gone dark like this before. It's getting to the point where my heart skips a bit every time I check a new text message or Facebook wall post, and it isn't her.

    Hope she's doing alright.

    In happier news, I broke page 100 on the first draft of the novel I'm working on. After about three years of having given up on the novel as anything I could even attempt, it was a pretty good feeling when I looked down at the page count, and realized it had gone to 102 without me realizing it. The first 40 pages are a hot mess, and I feel like I'm missing some essential information for what I want to set up later, but still - progress. Good progress.

    The Supermoon hasn't shown up yet, but I assure you that there'll be howling and nudity when that happens. I don't know if I'll be participating in it, but it will happen, I'm pretty certain.

    @Warren: God created Arrakis to train the faithful. Warren created Whitechapel to train the mad.
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    Good Overlord Warren,

    Well, I awoke on Thursday, St. Paddy's, to discover that I was feeling how most people felt by the end of St. Paddy's; vomiting and trying not to shit all over myself. Apparently when I got off of work on Wednesday night, I had a marvelous dinner made by my beautiful girlfriend, with a side of food poisoning. Because I abuse my sick leave at work, I was unable to call in sick. So I went to work nauseous and with a need to run (or waddle) to the restroom every twenty minutes.

    Luckily (and I'm the only one who feels this way) there was some sort of electrical failure at work, causing the entire prison to be placed on lockdown status. Which means a minimum amount of work for me. Probably the only way I can survive working while feeling the effects of food poisoning is while during a lockdown. Also because this is the end of one quarter and the beginning of another, today is day 5 of 7 that I'm working in a row; I work until 11pm tonight, and go back in at 7am tomorrow. Which means I'll probably get about four and a half hours of sleep tonight.

    The girl keeps telling me to go to the doctor. And I'm like, yeah, I'll put that on the list of shit I don't have time for, but say I'm planning on doing eventually.

    So I'm postponing my St. Paddy's rituals until sometime next week. I'm getting a drunkening at some point, I promise. Right now, I can't manage anything other than water... and water is so boring.

    I'm baying at the moon. And so are about fifty of my inmates during this lockdown. And no, I'm not exaggerating; there are actually inmates baying at the moon here. Or just baying at anything they can think of.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011 edited
    Hail Warren, provider of venues, master of serious shit.

    I intend to do some coyote yips to the Supermoon. We got some good weather out here in Oregon. At least, this afternoon.

    Then I'll go inside and watch the SyFy channel movie of the week, Supermoon Terror. Incredible, how quickly they can turn out that shit.

    No, seriously, I'm going to watch the "Extras" disk of Quartermass and the Pit. Saw the movie a few days ago. First time in thirty years or more. Man, that film scared the shit out of me as a little kid.

    I'll be eating salmon salad sandwiches and a tabouli salad and some crab salad stuff from the Deli.

    me 031911

    Hey, we got another fucking war on! Freedom should be all over the world by now, except for people whose only excuse is they don't want to be free, right? Or at least, they make cheap stuff for us so the bastards in charge get a pass.
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    Hello my fellow saturday night micians,

    I'm having a quiet one this weekend, watched the Rugby today and was pleased with the Scottish performance, less so with the English. Those craft Irish be cheating like Shane MacGowan seems to cheat death. Had a bit of a crazy night last night, got totally wasted and hit on some people I probably shouldn't, don't shit where you eat, etc.

    The Ex girlfriend is still living in my flat and will be here for another month which is about as fun as being shot at whilst running the 100 metre sprint on glass. It's a lot of fun when you can never tell how that person is going to be acting from day to day.

    Tonight I'm watching crap tv [Hellcats] and browsing the internet, looking up a way to get a better diety etc.

    Finally, picture of me a friend found on the net earlier that I didn't even realise was being taken, apparently the 90s want their glowsticks back. :)
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Pledge your allegiance to me (Warren): I pledged my wallet to you a long time ago you might as well have the rest of me.

    Vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you: Not much to vent about because not much has happened aside from being neck deep in spreadsheets and plans and lists. Waiting for the lawyers to green light my premises. Now that the previous people have moved out it seems to be in even better condition than I first thought. Can't wait for the waiting to end. I much prefer to be up and doing, even if I complain about it.

    Bay at the Supermoon: LUUUUUUUUUUUNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Tell me what you're doing tonight: Being sad. Watching Casino Royale, reading cyberpunk after having family friends over. This is due to not having any money and a driving lesson on monday. Actually I might type up some old world building notes I did.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    I haz Kittenz!! The only rant I can muster is at the arsehole who dumped them under a walkway on a busy road. These are half of a litter of four that were rescued and are really a little too young to be away from their Mum, the wee girl is still sucking at her fluids instead of lapping, but she'll work it out.

    As for pledging my allegiance, Warren, I'm happy to give you naming rights on the Kitties, but only if my 8 year old is able to speak the names without it amounting to an utterance of profanity. Or i could just train them to attack your enemies. Look at the viciousness in their eyes. Savages.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    All hail, etcetera

    Strangely listless... been working all day on my creative projects but feel unaccomplished. odd.

    Arooooooooooooo... maybe it's the supermoon?

    grr argh

    don't know if I should stay in and right or go out for wild rumpusing... last rumpussed on St. Pats & ended up a little inappropriate with a bud's girlfriend, hand on the leg sort of thing...

    so I've been making a podcast: Glow-in-the-Dark Radio 147

    celebrating a new book cover: New Book Cover

    and wandering around the interwebs looking for purpose and finding... well, this. :)

    And that's what's happening in this neck o' Whitechapel tonight.
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    I pledge allegiance to the Warren, possibly for which he stands, for whiskey or something!

    I'm waiting for Moonrise to bay.

    I had a good week and a bad week. My boss harassed me to the point of barfy twisted stomach over random stupidity, which he and corporate and the local labour board seem to think he has every right to do. (he also harassed me super hard about doing a couple of loads of blanket-type laundry at the workplace, which as far as I knew everyone did without being confronted. I seem to be the one always getting caught!) I pulled up all my zen and vicious fantasies to get through the week, promising myself I wouldn't be working for this guy forever. I tell myself beautiful tales.

    My Niece is apparently top of her class in communicating, and hurting in the reading/writing department. Its not much of a wonder considering her dad isn't SUPER into doing anything but taking her to Walmart, and she's a Lefty in a Righty world. I did wonder if anyone at home had informed the school that she was a lefty, or if there is some kind of bizarre backwoods paranoia about that? I would tell them, but the last time I dropped her off for school the teacher from the next room did that aggressive asking me to leave thing that I can't exactly prove, but still made it pretty clear I wasn't welcome to open my mouth much.

    In awesome news, I finally got new glasses, and a new computer (as the old one was cat-peed to its final grave after a long fight with a short). I ordered some new cloths for spring, and I'm on a new regimen of pro-biotic and herbal anti-inflammatory to help me not flair up with invisible torso illness as much. So far its helping, and for my anniversary this weekend I hiked 6 miles and ate really good food down in the Gorge.

    The laundry I got in trouble for doing was old stuff in Granny's old room, needed cleaning, and is state 1.a of getting the spare room cleaned out so I can have a studio in the guest room, and or a bedroom who's door I can close, depending on how I'm feeling.

    Tonight I was going to go have beer with friends, but instead Boi asked one friend at 7pm, realized his friends weren't worth playing kitty-herding to drink with, so we went for a walk instead. Now he is on his way home with icecream. Pardon me! Now I must go howl at something and possibly watch a movie... although more likely it will be television and wishing I wasn't too tired to be creative.
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    Just back from Kemper Norton's debut live performance in Winchester - worked really well, nobody died, and despite all the dire threats his cock stayed in his trousers throughout...

    The Supermoon was quite spectacular on the drive back, bastard thing's hiding behind the clouds now.

    And now I am going to bed, for I am tired of the day, and I have tomorrow to compose myself before going back to work, which I am dreading immensely, it's performance review time next week, most of my targets have been dismal failures and all of that's going to be hellishly painful.

    Other than that, situation's kind of under control.
    • CommentAuthorespalier
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    lord ellis,
    i bow and scrape.

    soon i will see the glory of the
    moon and dive to be bludgeoned
    by doom metal. soon.

    lord warren i beseech you,
    why do good bands start after midnight?
    my aged frame cannot bear the weight

    of me for a twenty hour day.

    i will not show you my face, lord ellis,
    for i am a techtard and can only keep track
    of two participatory sites at a time.
    lord warren, where did the links at
    the right of most holy go?

    your humble grunt,
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    pledge your allegiance to me

    I pledge allegiance to you oh great guardian of WhiteChapel and yonder internets . . .

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    It's been a stressful week. I'm still in the midst of studying for my comps for grad school. I wrote my practice essay response this week and finally finished all of my review outlines today.

    Things at work are interesting

    I had some issues with one of my co-workers who does not speak to me for some reason . . . it's a long story. . . .
    We found out that the school system does not want to replace one of the retiring teachers in our department next year which would make our classes even larger. Our department head is fighting that one for us.

    It seems that there has been a crusade against education in our media lately . . . it's very frustrating.

    * bay at the Supermoon
    The moon is quite beautiful this evening.

    * show me your face


    * tell me what you're doing tonight
    Going to spend some quality time with the husband, watch a movie, and sleep.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2011
    Hail, Mr. Ellis.

    It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot of things have happened. I'm in management now, have been for a little while. It's a different experience, one that I've never really expected. I get paid well, relatively speaking, though still not quite enough for the many myriad things I wish to do. Furthermore, while my job has gotten a lot less physically strenuous, the mental strain is far, far more. This, I admit, is as stimulating as it is strenuous. Essentially being someone in charge of getting many puzzles made quickly and well with the rule that I'm not allowed to actually touch the puzzle pieces.

    Home isn't so bad. I've gotten past most of the issues I once had with some family members, though I still rarely speak with my father these days. I'm not too bothered by it.

    Ultimately however, I feel like a failure. I feel like I've done so little when I could have done more. It annoys me, and lately has been frustrating me quite a bit. There's more I could be doing for the people I care for, one in particular you all know. Still, I can't for the life of me figure out just what it is I can do with the power that I have.

    I've seen the moon, quite beautiful really. Especially when seen from the darker areas of the woods.


    Tonight I'm in. I left my usual game night friends early. It's just not a good night for me.
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    Pledge my allegiance to Warren: Um, ok?

    Vent: My week has been fairly good actually, so there's not much to vent about. I suppose I should vent at my lack of ability to finish drawings etc, but I've done that plenty before and it doesn't ever make much of a difference. Um, my parents watched a foreign movie I checked out from the library and they were watching the dubbed version. The voice acting was abysmal. So every time I went into the kitchen I was stuck hearing the horrible dubbing. So that was annoying.

    Bay at the Supermoon: Clouds are in the fucking way. Slightly pissed about that.

    Haven't used this one yet, as far as I can remember.

    Doing tonight: Finished editing photos from my hike today, so I'll be posting them on tumblr. Maybe work on various playlists for my ipod. Maybe fall asleep on the super comfy chair. Read this thread and maybe comment on stuff. Stuff like that.
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    Whoa, I can actually post in one of these! It's weird having a Saturday night free.

    I pledge allegiance to the great and terrible guardian spirit of Whitechapel, and sacrifice enormous quantities of caffeine to its perpetual iron-fisted reign.

    Every time I read "supermoon" I think of a short story I swear is by David Brin about an exceptionally bright moon that, of course, is a sign of incredibly bad things happening to the rest of the planet. I swear I've got the book in a box here somewhere...

    Vent- why the hell are my and my roommate's cat arguing over territory? And why is this a war fought with cat piss? And if they're so annoyed with each other that they need to piss on my furniture, why are they sleeping happily right next to each other right now? They're cats, they're supposed to be maddening, but I prefer it to be less destructive.

    The opposite of vent- New bed! I got a lovely comfy brand-new queen-sized bed yesterday and am going to sleep the sleep of perfection for a long time to come. Door to room is closed to prevent kitty war from marring the lovely newness. Heck, I should be in it right now typing from the netbook. :)

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