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      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    I pledge my allegiance... in bursts. It hurts though.
    Ventage: I'm reaching some kind of altered mental state. Sustained intense concentrations of Joyce, About-ness and VRML are warping the parts of my brain that process semantic information. It's a miracle I still make any sense at all. Hush now.

    What I did tonight was be the responsible, sober adult at a large, uncontrolled festivity-type event which manifested in my house as a result of my flatmates having a leaving party and impulsively inviting a nightclub full of people to come. The resulting bass beacon attracted further local party-seeking randoms in considerable number and of course, the most annoying fleshy ones of all couldn't resist coming by to pay their respects.
    Also: about an hour ago I had to ask a guy to leave when I found he'd pissed all over the floor... OF THE UTILITY ROOM. Now I'm not really one for rules, as a rule, but if you come to my house for a party, it's just imperative you don't piss on the utility room floor.
    Anyway, it's after 0830 now and I'm hoping that Exu has been sated. Nobody lost their shit, nobody got arrested, nobody got physically injured apart from in their eardrums and their brain chemistry. It's unfortunate that my flatmates will have to spend a later portion of the day on their hands and knees with the bleach, but there you go. Overall, I think we're doing okay.

    doing okay
    I'm about to turn in, earbuds are locked.
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    I went to a strip club tonight, and the dancer gave me her number. What, is it spring or something?

    And on Tuesday I went to a bar and this girl started flirting with me, and when she went to put her number in my phone we were both shocked to find it was already in there. She's my favorite local alt-porn model, and I hadn't recognized her with clothes on.

    Also, I've been cleaning like that scene in Requiem For A Dream. Something in the air.

    Oh yeah. And my comic's in Previews. It showed up on the Diamond website Thursday night. Turns out it's a Gem of the Month. Never had a comic in previews before...
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    YAY for Rachael! YAY! for being out and about! YAY! for life!
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    zzzzzzzzzz - wuh? A13 M25 M3 M27 A31... zzzzzzzzzzz - snork! A406 M11 A11 A14 wuh? 04.00? zzzzzzzzz etc, etc.

    It has been a busy and fun filled week, now just go away and let me die please.
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    I hereby pledge my allegiance to Warren Ellis, regardless of the inevitable consequences of said action.

    Everything I can think to complain about is either my fault or so far beyond my control as to not be worth worrying myself over.

    hooray moon

    Nothing of particular interest going on at the moment. went to work, went to the bar, remembered about the moon, grabbed my camera and took a few dozen frames. That's basically it on my end.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    Same shit, different weekend.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    Glad to see so many whitechaplains are doing well.

    A couple of weeks ago I was feeling pretty close to completely losing my shit. Without really noticing how it happened, I've been feeling noticably better recently.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    Congratulations to Iceland Bob and Brandon! Getting paid for wordage is great, and I'm looking forward to more Witch Doctor.

    I've enjoyed a couple of serious upgrades to my wordage this week too. A beer magazine contacted me with "We saw your great BeerScience article in that other magazine, you should get money from us as well!", and I agreed, and just an hour ago another large client promoted me to full columnist. This whole telling people what I think is snowballing into some kind of career.

    Enjoyed the SuperMoon across the lake from the 18th floor of a lakefront tower block, a giant beacon of "We were there once!" reminding us to pull the fingers out and get back in the game.

    I got through St Patrick's day without any North Americans explaining to me just how Irish they really were too, deep down. This is the first year without someone explaining how their great-great-grandmother was Irish, and me offering to by her a pint if she shows up.

    Defending dessert

    Now for more coffee, more words, more fun, and that's a holy Trinity right there.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011 edited
    Let's see if I can sneak a late entry in...

    Congrats, Bob!

    I pledge to the fuzzy space daddy etc.

    My week...has been pretty busy, which I've been enjoying,'s not the right kind of busy. While I love going on shoots like the slasher film set, actual paid work is pretty rare, with some cancellations hitting and my set prices needing to be compromised so I can get SOMETHING.

    And I've been getting increasingly bummed out by reading awesome accounts from my awesome art friends in New York. I'm really wishing that I had those kinds of friends here in Toronto. But then, I'm also wishing that I excreted creativity from my pores as they seem to and more than ever wish I wasn't living with my fucking parents, love them as I do.

    It's just been one of those times where I'm looking at myself and finding that I haven't gone anywhere near ahead of things as I thought I had.

    There have been good things this week, though. I baked a cake for the first time that went really well, and I headed over to the St. Lawrence Market for the first time in about 16 years. The place hasn't changed a bit.

    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2011
    This broadcast is coming to you from the distant future of Sunday afternoon.

    Yesterday was like this: Brunch (champagne) -> A houseparty/gig (punch, wine, vodka & tonic) -> A friend's DJ gig (beer) -> The usual club (j├Ągerbombs, beer, campari) -> Afterparty with the people from the houseparty/gig (beer). Today is achy. I blame the supermoon, because that's what you do in a situation like this.

    Last week I got the latest rundown of my debt, and it seems it's 10k to go. It's a lot, but that's the last of it. I actually feel I can get out of this damn hole this year, and the relief is palpable.

    I have realized "home" is, for me, a person. Said person does not want to live with me anymore. This leads to a heady coctail of desire, resentment, sadness and verious levels of self-loathing. In a word: FUCK.

    Hope this finds you well.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.