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    Earthquake Kelley is a former heavyweight boxer and wrestler. He claims to have visited, via separate near-death experiences, both Hell and Heaven and lived to tell the tale. He's a former "Voodoo high priest" who became an exorcist and evangelical minister.

    For whatever reason, for the last few days I've been kind of fascinated by him, and I thought other regular visitors to Warren Ellis's site might also find him interesting. I'd probably be turned off by his fervent proselytizing and conservative social views if I met him in person, but from the rarified distance of the internets he sounds like a pulp hero come to life. This is the only Sorcerer Supreme your world deserves.

    Check out this video, complete with awesome special effects during the afterlife reenactment scenes:

    YouTube has other videos featuring him as well. I noticed his name in a poster for the film The Frontier Boys and had to know more about this enigmatic individual with a seismological event for a first name.