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    Like a lot of us I suppose, as a kid (and still today, of course) I had quite a thing for Robots. I have this vivid early memory of seeing this comic book cover on a newsstand spinner rack and feeling this jolt of amazement over the towering greatness of the concept ("comics... ABOUT robots...?!?").

    But before that even, I liked robots, and would read what I could find about them. I kept running into this tidbit about the word Robot coming from a Czech play called Rossum's Universal Robots, and I could never quite parse the idea that there would be robots in a play.

    I'd long forgotten about that, until just now running into this pic of a performance of the play at

    The site also has a 1922 review of the play:
    The Robot is a terrible creature of synthetic flesh, bone and skin. He is in the image of man and has all the attributes of man except spirituality and laziness.