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    Lukas and I are going to be at WonderCon all weekend. WITCH DOCTOR: FIRST INCISION 2010 (the B&W preview issue we put out at San Diego last year) will be on sale at the Image Comics booth (Booth 401, on the Walking Dead side), and we'll be doing the following stuff, should you want to track us down:

    6:00 - 7:00 Signing at the Image booth (booth 401)

    2:00-3:00, Room 104: "Image Comics Show:" Image Comics will announce some upcoming projects, update fans about ongoing projects, and host a Q&A session with some of Image's best writers. Don't miss your chance to find out what Image is up to before anyone else does and ask questions of your favorite creators! Panelists include Tomm Coker (UNDYING LOVE), Viktor Kalvachev (BLUE ESTATE), Daniel Corey (MORIARTY), Deborah Vankin (POSEURS), Ben McCool (CHOKER, MEMOIR), Nate Simpson (NONPLAYER), Joe Casey (GØDLAND, BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER, MARIJUANA MAN), and Brandon Seifert & Lukas Ketner (WITCH DOCTOR).

    3:00 - 4:00 Signing at the Image booth (booth 401)

    1:00 - 3:00 Signing at the Image booth (booth 401)

    (Yes that's right, we're on a panel with Nate "NONPLAYER" Simpson!)
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    subscribed through my LCS and eagerly looking forward to what promises to be a very interesting read.
    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2011
    It's times like these that I wish I had an LCS.
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    Thanks @Professor Imagine! That means a lot to us.

    @TAL, if you're interested in pre-ordering the issues, there are a number of comics stores with online branches that'll let you do it. Here's a couple links: Things From Another World (based here in the Portland metro), Midtown Comics (NYC), and Westfield Comics.
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    Lukas and I were at WonderCon last weekend. It was our first con since the book got a release date and it was... a bit overwhelming. But awesome! And I met Zoetica and Ales and we were on a panel with Nate "NONPLAYER" Simpson!

    This is me and Lukas getting interviewed about the book by Diana Terranova from the SyFy Channel.

    (Photo by Eidelyn Gonzales.)

    I did a roundup of some of the press we've gotten recently, especially the interviews from WonderCon. We've got more coverage coming soon, as well as some exclusive content coming out and some cool announcements, so I hope people will stay tuned to our Twitter and our Facebook!

    (Also if you're in the Portland area, we're guests of the Stumptown Comics Fest this coming weekend, which is going to be awesome! For one thing, we're leading a panel called "Sneaking Into Comics," featuring Nate Simpson, Joe Keatinge, Joshua Williamson, and Dark Horse submissions editor John Schork. I'm pretty excited about that!)
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    Been avoiding my LCS because the dentist recently took all my spare cash. But I'll find a way to get there soon and pre-order my copy.
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    I really like the concept for this title and will be picking it up.

    Is it an ongoing or a mini-series?
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    Been avoiding my LCS because the dentist recently took all my spare cash

    I hear that. And thanks!

    @Gordon — Thank you! We're starting off with a four issue mini, but hopefully sales will be strong enough for us to just continue it as a series of minis and one-shots.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    How does tne new ish relate to the previous releases? I recall a free preview and two versions of another issue . . . one had a nice bit about redesign.

    I'll be buying in any case, just curious about the evolution.
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    @StefanJ — The new miniseries is all-new content — we've got an Exorcist story, a story about faeries and a story involving Lovecraft (with a nod to a certain Universal monster).

    We also put out a 16-page preview issue through Skybound, which is basically the 'studio EP' version of the vampire story we did when we first started. That's on sale at cons — and it sounds like it's going to get nationally released in a pretty exciting fashion soon! I'll have details on that as soon as it's announced.
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    Thanks for talking about this on here, Brandon.
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    Thanks for the info! I'll be putting in a pre-order next time I'm annoying the staff at my local comic shop.

    It's inspiring to see the success you're having. As yet another of The Deluded Ones who hopes to break into the comics industry, is there any advice you can give for generating interest in your work?
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    Witch Doctor #2 (of 4), on sale July 20, 2011 from Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics.

    Another foray into medical horror from Robert Kirkman's Skybound Originals line! Is your baby really your baby -- or is it a camouflaged monster that's feeding on you while you sleep? An infestation of Cuckoo Faeries is spreading through the nurseries of Arkham, Oregon, and it's up to Dr. Vincent Morrow, the Witch Doctor, to stop it! So why doesn't he want to bother? Plus: Shark cage diving with sea monsters!

    $2.99, 32 pages, Diamond order code MAY110542

    This issue, I think, is a lot of fun. #1 is an exorcism story, and it owes a lot to post-Exorcist horror movies. In #2 we get to go back and play with folklore instead. Changelings aren't something that get s whole lot of press these days, but they're a pretty scary idea — monsters who come in the night and steal your baby, and leave something in its place. And it's an excuse for Lukas to draw totally amazing faeries! (Most of our stories are excuses for Lukas to draw totally amazing somethings, whether it's monsters or big machines or whathaveyou.)
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    Want to read a Witch Doctor issue, but don't want to wait until #1 comes out at the end of June? Then go buy the next issue of THE WALKING DEAD.
    Witch Doctor #0, the debut original comic published by Robert Kirkman’s SKYBOUND, will preview as a flip insert on May 25, 2011 within The Walking Dead Issue #85. In addition a limited number of copies will include a special edition cover from Witch Doctor illustrator Lukas Ketner. Witch Doctor #0 will give horror lovers a compelling glimpse at the series as well as a welcome intro to the first “Original” on the SKYBOUND imprint.

    Lukas Ketner, illustrator for Witch Doctor and the special edition variant cover of The Walking Dead #85, is honored to close out the issue, "This is very tangible example of the kind of support and exposure we've been receiving from both Robert and the rest of SKYBOUND. We couldn't ask for a better introduction to new readers."

    Robert Kirkman is excited to share this engaging first look; “Witch Doctor #0 is an updated version of the very first Witch Doctor story that caught my eye in the beginning. I wanted to present this wholly original story that stands alone, and won't be contained in the mini-series in a way that will make a splash and catch readers imagination the same way it caught mine. So, we're doing a flip-book with Walking Dead 85, free of charge.”
    This is one of those times when I realize how surreal my life has gotten. Not only is my comic debuting in the back of THE WALKING DEAD... this is actually my national comics writing debut. And it's going to get purchased by 30,000+ people. Thats sobering.

    For those of you who've been following us for a while, Witch Doctor #0 is the story Skybound released as a B&W ashcan for SDCC last year — except now it's in color! It's a rewritten, redrawn version of the very first story we ever did back when we started self-publishing in 2008, the vampire one.
    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011 edited
    I guess I should clarify my "It's times like these that I wish I had an LCS." statement.
    It's true that I wish I had one, but since I live in a small town in Finland, I will never have one. I also don't have a credit card so ordering from USA isn't really an option.

    But rest assured that I will be right on it when the trade comes out.
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    It's true that I wish I had one, but since I live in a small town in Finland, I will never have one. I also don't have a credit card so ordering from USA isn't really an option

    Ahhhhhhhh. That makes sense. :) Sorry I misunderstood!
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    Also? Damn this book looks nice in color.

    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2011
    I am so fucking proud of you and Lukas... Those new creators aspiring to 'break in' to comics would do well to observe the amount of hustle and sheer tenacity you guys have displayed in bringing this to fruition. Lots (if not the majority) would have given up mid-process (and understandably so.) Glad to see you stuck with it!

    Beers on me at the next Con.
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    @Rantz — Thank you!
    Lots (if not the majority) would have given up mid-process (and understandably so.) Glad to see you stuck with it!
    You know, it's only when I read this that I realize I never actually considered giving up. It just wasn't on the table; once we came up with the idea of Witch Doctor, we were going to do it and keep doing it no matter what, in whatever capacity we were able. That's interesting to realize now.
    Beers on me at the next Con.
    I'll take you up on that!
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    Next time I hit my LCS to pick up my books ill add this to my pull list. Looks great! Well done sir.