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    @ ginja I don't think "realism" has much of a relationship with anything to do with Captain America or any superhero film

    Which is probably why you aren't planning on watching this film or if you do, you would not enjoy it that much.

    Me being a comic book nerd, I accepted, or if you want to be specific, I am willing to suspend my disbelief when it comes to superhero films.

    In the end, when I meant realism, I meant within the context of the story. I want the Captain America story to be great, so it concerns me when I see a scene that suggests the story may have illogical jumps of logic, plot holes, or weak characterization. A trailer's job is to get a movie audience interested in watching the movie. This one scene, the way its edited, suggests that the movie may be lacking in smart storytelling and would put off anyone that might have been on the fence about watching the movie.

    But like I said, I am only basing it on the trailer the actual scene may play out differently/better.

    @ davidlejeune

    Being a fellow nerd, I am perfectly aware of the shield's properties, and thinking about it, if the extended scene showcases how the shield works than....Excellent!!

    @ BenKlumaster

    Are you patronizing me? :)