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    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    Anyone see this weeks episode? What did they think?

    I like the whole 80sness of it, but the new lead I find at the moment very annoying. Knowing she's just moments away from dying and not back in time just makes her really irritating and of course being female Gene won't bash the shit out of her when she's being a pain in the arse. Still, the music is pretty good, the cars are great (there's a Delorean in next weeks episode) and it's always good to see Gene Hunt back on the TV. I miss Sam though. :P
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    I thought they hit the 2008 idea of the early 1980s perfectly. Just like they did with 1973.

    I think they have stretched the premise to breaking point now though, the ending of Life on Mars was bad enough but Ashes To Ashes is so tenous it makes it look well thought out and executed. I don't think Keeley Hawes has the ability or the scripting/character to take over from John Simm as Sam Tyler.

    Montserrat Lombard is cute with that haircut though, this is the only redeeming feature I can think of, apart from Gene Hunt.

    I am tempted to keep watching it just for Gene Hunt, he is a future legend of British television.

    I wish they'd just went for a proper retro crime drama as the sequel. No time-travel person, just Gene Hunt leading a team of old-school detectives. They could have made Annie a DC and carried on without Sam.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    the cars are great (there's a Delorean in next weeks episode)

    When did DeLoreans become "great" cars?
    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    I was obsessed with BTTF as a kid. Still say best trilogy ever made. Also probably because they were a lot rarer as well (in Australia anyway). I read somewhere the movie Deloreans had better motors in them because the originals were piles of shit. Hah.
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    I thought they hit the 2008 idea of the early 1980s perfectly. Just like they did with 1973.

    I haven't seen ASHES, but I was 5 in 1973, and have clear memories of how it looked -- clear enough that I kind of misted up during the early eps of MARS because it looked and felt so right.
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    You see, after hearing that a sequel to 'Life on Mars' was on the way I thought I'd avoid it. Then watched it the next day, still fully expecting to hate it, and actually enjoyed it a great deal.

    I found the ending of 'Life on Mars' a mess. It didn't live up to the rest of the series. The beginning of 'Ashes to Ashes' gave me a better sense of closure than the end of 'Life on Mars' managed.

    I was afraid that it would go with ditching the whole time-travel/coma conceit. I think it would have lost something in that case.

    Yes the new lead is a little too knowing, but it didn't annoy me that much. I'm interested in how the relationship with Gene Hunt will evolve.

    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    Well, yeah now that he's divorced to his wife..

    I did like that bit when he's realising times are changing and he's becoming very old fashioned in his views. Even stopping Ray from having a go at that guy at the beginning.

    Montserrat Lombard is cute. Not seen her on any other shows before.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    I watched ASHES last week, having missed all but an episode or two of MARS. Scheduling and foretfulness meant I never got into MARS, but in was interesting seeing what I did, and I was assured by appropriately aged people that that was indeed spot on for invoking the feel of the age and indeed how things were in the 'Force.

    I liked ASHES, and I'll be watching again this week. Without the pre-bias of 'but it's not John Sims! :(' maybe I can get into it more than other people. Then again, I was born in the 80's so a lot of it is familiar from things I saw when I was little.

    I kinda like that she's aware of it because of Tyler's experiences, yes it was a little frustrating at points last week, but I'm guessing that should be a little less so from here in.
    Luckily for me, they showed the final episode of MARS after ASHES on one of the other channels, which brought me a bit more up to speed :)
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    Personally, I think I would have preferred it if they'd simply ditched the time travel aspect and gone with a police drama set in the 80's starring Hunt et al.
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    Season 3 will be set in the future, with a cyborg Gene - and they'll call it Tin Machine!

    So far I pretty much agree with all above - but I'll give them a fair crack of the whip and see what happens.
    Hey, even Torchwood got (a little bit) better!
    • CommentAuthorsiuntres
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2008
    i've seen the first two eps, and like it a lot.

    I was 16 in 1981, and a huge fan of british music and the look of the times. I think it all works as well as they did the 70's on LOM .

    Kelley Hawes has been a fav of mine since he run opn Spooks, and I like her here batling Gene Hunt, who's as funny as he was in the first two series.
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    I watched the first episode, and while it wasn't bad, it lacked something.

    I think the main problem I have with it is it's pretty much exactly what happens in Life on Mars, but referencing back to Sam Tyler.

    It seems to be more of an unintentional remake.
    • CommentAuthorASedano
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2008
    I enjoyed the first episode but haven't had a chance to see the next two. How has it been since then?
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008 edited
    I still like it and watch it. If it's any use, they repeat last week's episode AFTER the new episode, over on BBC4 I think. It's also on On Demand, which is helpful :)

    Gene Hunt seems to be less of an ass than I viewed him in the first series (of which I only saw bits). Am I just imagining it?
    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008
    He's calming down a bit. I think he's realising that he's becoming old fashioned in his ways, trying to adapt to the new decade a little more. I find it funny it's Gene constantly on Ray's back. He hasn't changed a bit...
      CommentAuthorWill Couper
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008 edited
    @ Malsain: I've watched a few episodes on the On Demand channel. That's an awkward sentence...

    I'm still enjoying this.

    It's interesting that Gene Hunt had the restraint not to jump into bed with Alex in the last episode. Shows, more than a lot of things in the series so far, that he has changed quite a bit from 'Life on Mars'.

      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008
    Watched the first one and thought it was bloody awful. Or more accurately, that Keeley Hawes was bloody awful and ruined every scene she was in with dreadfully wooden overacting (if that isn't a contradiction). I agree that they've got the look ("got the look, got the look..." *ahem*) of the 80s down pat but the dialogue, particularly Hawes', was terribly laboured and full of jarring exposition that was completely inappropriate to the people she was speaking to at the time.

    Oddly, I haven't bothered watching any more.
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    Tonight's was a distinct improvement. It's basically a great big homage to the classic Edge of Darkness (written by Sweeney creator Troy Kennedy Martin, who even gets a sort-of name check in the ep). Hawes was much less grating!