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    Scream Issue #4

    Early next week the fourth issue of Scream horror magazine should go on sale online and cascade to shops shortly after. Scream is a bimonthly magazine from the UK covering all things horror, and more importantly this will be my first issue writing for them!

    Issue #4 contains an interview with Christopher Monfette, co-writer of the new Hellraiser comic from Boom! Studios. There’s also a Spotlight on Avatar Comics, who I pretty much argue are the home for the most extreme horror content in the industry, a detailed analysis of Crossed by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows and a section of reviews.

    From issue #5 I’m hoping to focus on horror comics created by people from the UK, whether they be mainstream, self-published or web comics. If you’re working on something that you’d like to have publicised then I want you to get in touch with me, either her, on Twitter @FrancisSobriety or e-mail me on though be aware that this isn’t my main e-mail address and I might take a while to get back to you. If you a comic creator of a macabre bent then I want Scream to be the place where you can read about your peers.

    I believe that we have a lot of talent in the UK and I want to shout about it. This isn’t hot air. I found my feet with issue #4 and for issue #5 I’ve already secured a quote by David Hine for the best British graphic novel that I reviewed. Get in touch with me if you’re working on something that you want the horror community to hear about.