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    Realized I had posted this in the wrong category. oops. If someone can remove the other posting that'd be great.

    Hi, everyone. My creator-owned sereis Vic Boone kicks off in June from 215 Ink. Available for preorder in April previews as a SPOTLIGHT title. I'm hoping to generate some buzz for the book in April to create some preorders of the first issue, since books of this level tend to live and die by preorders.

    I'm also looking for any and all suggestions for blogs/sites/whatever that might offer a review of the book. Suggestions?

    The series is a mix of b-movie sci-fi and pulp detective novels.

    Below is a little preview. If you like what you see don't be afraid to tell your shop to order you a copy. And remember sharing is caring, so maybe order one for a friend, too.

    It's also available for download on WOWIO.

    I'll be at Stumptown Comicfest. Table E-24. Will have a VB con exclusive comic, t-shirts, and other swag.

    Vic Boone #1
    (W) Shawn Aldridge (A) Geoffo (C) David Lloyd Former motorcycle dardevil, Vic Boone is hired to clear a woman's name after she's blamed for a series of grisly murders. To find the real killer, he'll have to beat robot thugs, get help from a human fly, and escape the all powerful (not really) Raygun Radicals.

    SKU: APR111200


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