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    Hip Hop is too vast,it has close to 50 sub genres.
    So let's narrow it down.

    I want your hip hop tunes in the BOOM BAP hip hop sub genre.

    Boom BAP was a 1990s distinct production style built on
    contrasts. DJ Premier practically invented it.


    .1 The drums and Beat : Were dirty, dusty. Snares lined with sand paper
    Sometimes you can hear the crackle of vinyl or other distortion.

    .2 the music above the drums was clean, pristine, jazzy
    , cool.


    Reality and Realism of everyday life.Rap stars walking around wearing their winter coats,
    normal clothes.NO Bentley, money, or bling.A preference for black and white.Grimy , dirty, winter.
    Blocks and poverty, no day glow clothes. 1980s MC Hammer was long dead.

    My contribution is a perfect example...

    Milk Bone- "keep It Real!"

    Heri Mkocha
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    Ok , NWA is one of the precursors of gangster rap, that's not really Boom Bap,
    Gangster rap had a love affair with P-Funk as it's sampling source.
    Boom Bap producers were into Jazz.Contrasting Cool jazz with harsh
    Hip Hop beats.

    here's some better examples...

    INL ft Pete Rock - "Faking Jaxx"

    A perfect example and white..
    winter, everyday new york life ...

    Tribe Called Quest - "Electric relaxation"

    One hit wonder below, but there's still, the Upright Jazz
    bass line, the jazz horns, the murky dusty drums...

    Simple E - "Play my Funk"

    "Play my Funk" lifted it's sample/reinterpretation from
    the opening seconds of the jazz record below by Herbie Hancock
    before adding the dirty hip hop drums...

    Herbie Hancock - "Oliloqui Valley"

    heri mkocha
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    Sorry, but could this not have been put in the not-that-old hip hop thread? Just a thought.
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    maybe, but i thought it wasn't specific enough,
    its too least with the metal thread
    they picked a sub genre of rock.

    If it was just the rock thread
    it would encompasse everything from dylan to black sabbath
    and Europe.

    heri mkocha
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    If I could find an embedable versionj of The Root's "What They do" with the subtitles I'd add that too....

    not only is it a great tune, it the greatest single hip-hop video ever made (repetitive butt cramp, anyone)
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    And something a little different, it's post 2000 but still fits the boom-bap style well:

    Fallacy feat. tubby T - Big n Bashy
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    Nice finds sneak046, ive not heard
    that Bashy song.

    Back to the classic jazz/hip hop Boom bap...
    This was last time Female MCs didn't have to take their clothes
    off to promote records and realied only on their MC skills....

    Bahamadia ft. K-Swift & Mecca Starr - "3 the hard way"

    Black moon did a sort of more spacey jazzy take on
    boom bap, but the lyrics were as new york
    orientated as normal....

    Black Moon - "Who got the props?"

    Black Moon - "I got cha open?"

    The song that always reminds me of bitter winters,
    on the bus, head bobbing to a mellow hip hop song...

    Mic Geronimo - "Masta IC"

    heri mkocha
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    I don't know if we need quite that much specialization. But as long as we're on this one

    How has Nas not been listed yet

    Straight Out the Fucking Dungeon

    And a seconding of Mobb Deep, fellow denizens of Queensbridge.

    After 1994 it is hard to think of this sound as a distinct thing because it inflects everything else. Particularly anything New York. Very blurry. Mos Def's first album uses it, in fact a lot of his style seems to come from trying to carve out unique territory beyond the 1994 sound while still being based directly off of it. Like "New World Water." The texture is there but the tone is new. Really, anything spare and jazzy borrows from here.

    Anyway here is vaguely fitting entry from a more deliberately revivalist Brooklynite, the fucking brilliant Von Pea:

    New Pair
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    Not to quibble because I love the music being posted here, there are at least 50 subgenres of punk and metal combined. Those are MADLY diverse scenes. Within those subgenres there are numerous bands that don't even remotely sound like each other.

    Death metal, black metal, folk metal, doom metal, sludge metal, grindcore, metalcore, numetal, power metal, glam metal, hardcore, thrash, progressive death metal, pop punk, post punk, emotional hardcore (not to be confused with emo as we know it today), crust punk, folk punk, psychobilly, etc. And I don't even know that much about metal/punk, I just listen to it sometimes.

    Metal subgenres

    Punk subgenres

    Sadly, wikipedia's entry for hip-hop isn't as well organized. Someone get on that?
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    No love for KRS-One?
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    yeah, there's sub genres within sub genres within some forms
    of music.

    I mean most of the genre lists for hip hop
    aren't complete.It's too big.if we really want to be pedantic House music
    is definitely a sub genre of Hip Hop looking at it's production.
    It too has a huge amount of styles

    @William George...

    Mad love for the teacher KRS1!

    But back to the beats! The alt hip hop group, The Pharcyde
    made this song below which is on pretty much everyone's
    mixes of hip hop love songs.

    awesome song...

    Pharcyde - "She said"

    With Queen Latifah There's a generation gap,some people
    have always known her as an actor , and don't know
    she was one of the great female Hip Hip MCs.

    The track below uses a particular hip hop production technique
    of the 1990s boom bap era. That is pass filtering most of
    the high frequencies in a song leaving a rumbling distant
    wash which the MC rhymes over.

    Last modern occasion this was used, was in the break of
    the song "American Boy" by Estelle ...

    Queen Latifah - "Just Another Day"

    Digable planets, cruelly forgotten, over talented group
    from the 1990s who liked jazz.Alot...

    Digable Planets- "Where I'm From"

    Hip Hop production fiends who took their
    logo from a Jazz record. The Beatnuts...

    Beatnuts - "Props over Here"

    heri mkocha

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.