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    Holy Bladder Spasms Batman!
    Bat-Bladder Spasms

    Check out the other submissions to the Batman theme here or check out past themes at the Comic Art Club.
    • CommentAuthorharchangel
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
    Diver at the Bottom

    Multimedia Illustration using Pencil, Pen, and Photoshop.
    Personal project exploring my fascination with the look and feel of vintage diving paraphernalia.

    More at
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
    An alternative idea I had for the ident,....

    Screaming Ape

    @Neila - I'm still pretty useless at perspective on anything that isn't composed of straight lines, nothing at all wrong with your's
    I'm going to have to try Manga studio - I'm currently using Photoshop CS5 - it has loads of new tools and updates from the version I was using till recently, so I've been slowly working through them.
    @M.J.Boyson - nothing wrong with fan wankery - fantastic pic
    @harchangel - superb
    @Raid71 - hard choice there - both are brilliant, but I do like the horse
    @michael_shea - that reminds me of Michael Moorcock cover images - love the depth of detail - something you could spend ages exploring
    As ever loads of fantastic stuff
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
    This picture happened yesterday Captain

    And these sketches, trying to come up with a good villain for the Shark Pony Comic!
    First try: Brujaha the mustacheoed witch:

    And finally this sketch, of Hinga, the magical Bunny/Mule/Alien Space witch, who uses magic spells on paper to fight, and is prone to getting papercuts. Also on this pg is my sketch for the Station Indent I"m working on for this week's thing:
    Hinga Space Bunny Mule Woman

    I don't think I'll use Brujaha. D:
    • CommentAuthorDronecraft
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
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    @harchangel - really nice, I had a toy of a diver like that when I was a kid, I always imagined him in a creepy seascape like yours
    @Neila- you've got to stop feeding your models beans! great sketches!
    @Batguano and @Dronecraft - nice alternate remakes all around!

    here's the illustration I made for the remake , after six hours of fun with my little ruler I got tired and really crapped out on the font. I think it looks way better like this .

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    You all are so fucking talented. Every one of you.
    • CommentAuthorlomopop
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011
    @dronecraft I love those. Nice choice for the remake.
    @hey apathy! Nice. There's no mistaking your style.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2011 edited
    @ lomopop - thanks! I really liked that comfortable looking wood and paper chair thing you created a couple of days ago too.

    I did a little interview for a local webTV broadcast last Friday. I just got a copy of it now so I thought I'd share a clip. This part is when I talk about my experiences as a street artist. I thought it might be neat for you guys to see me and hear my voice, I've often wondered what you're all really like...

    I'm going to post the interview HERE
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    My tablet's still borked (managed to scrape some cash to save my internet access and buy some food but that's all) so I can't ink anything...

    Instead, I made a cover using bits of preexisting art (actually, pages from the comics that will go inside this thing).
    Coilstar Illustrated 2

    I think it works. Might be wrong though, haha.

    I still need to do inside front and inside back covers before I can send it off to ka-blam.

    Here's the cover of the first issue for comparison:
    coilstar 1
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    HEY APATHY - That is absolutely brilliant.
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    I did a new comic:
    Amalgamated Biscuit
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011 edited
    @oldhat - THANKS!
    @Almagamated Biscuit- I am always laughing heavily when I try to comment on your posts, this one's too much! HAHAHA
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    A cover concept for the Kapow comic-con brochure:

    kapow comic-con concept
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    Hey, here is the strip I did for Warrens blog.

    This is one I made but then abandoned.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    some new sketch cards.

    New sketch cards
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    @Hey Apathy But that's how they get to be Magical Girls, by eating the Magical Fruit :3

    Here's the uncropped version of the Station Indent I did. I forgot to put the blood on the teeth till a minute ago, and then my allergy addled mind couldnt figure out how to get the updated image to appear on the forum. D: I finally got it to work.

    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011 edited
    I'm currently studying animation, which is why I keep disappearing for long periods of time. It is all-consuming.
    So, here I am popping up to show some stuff. I know a lot of folks around here are Alchemy buffs (you're how I found out about it, so thanks). Thought you might be interested in this animation I made using Alchemy. It's on Vimeo, so no embed I'm afraid...

    Alchemistry from Sebastian Fowler on Vimeo.

    Basic process: Set Alchemy to automatically record what's on the page to a pdf every 5 seconds. Torture photoshop by making it import hundreds of pages of pdf to individual images and spit them back out again at chosen screen res. Use Quicktime pro to convert image sequence to video. Chop it up, set to music and play with the timing in Final cut.

    Note to self. MUST. DO. STATION. IDENT.
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2011
    Some more life drawings from the last week or so:

    looking away
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