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    That's pretty awesome, keys...speaking of San Francisco:

    Greatest toothpick-based kinetic sculpture
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    What do Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash (of OK Go fame) have in common? Well, they recently spent six hours to produce an entire album worth of music.
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    I wonder where I can get some of that weed . . . . .
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    lets take a moment to appreciate the gift to human history that is the Wikipedia page for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front

    A general cessation of hostilities between the government in Manila and the MILF was signed in July 1997 but this agreement was abolished in 2000 by the Philippine Army under the administration of Philippine President Joseph Estrada. In response, the MILF declared a jihad (strived and struggled) against the government, its citizens and supporters. Under President Gloria Arroyo, the government entered into a cease-fire agreement with the MILF and resumed peace talks.[10]

    Despite peace negotiations and the cease-fire agreement, the MILF attacked government troops in Maguindanao resulting in at least twenty-three deaths in January 2005. The combined armies of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf were involved in days of fighting which necessitated government troops using heavy artillery to engage rebel forces.
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    Pop history #8.

    Danny DeVito's first directorial effort was 1984's The Ratings Game, a hilarious and unsubtle swipe at the awfulness of mid-eighties network TV. It features very early appearences by Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards.

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    London Elektricity - Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm from Hospital Records on Vimeo.

    Found this on my friend's Facebook, thought it would be awesome for Whitechapel.
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    Pop history #9.

    Also featuring early Michael Richards was Weird Al Yankovic's comedy UHF, which took the piss out of almost every 1980's blockbuster you can think of. Worth it just to see Kramer when he was still funny.

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    Just to make Patton Oswalt's reaction seem not-so-crazy-by-their-standards...

    Tea Party Reactions To Obama’s Birth Certificate

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    Were it a real dictatorship they'd be finding Tea Partier-filled mass graves a few decades from now.
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    Come on, Cindy. Every time a liar and thief is elected president you get like this. Can't you be a little less extreme in your beliefs about liar and thief presidents? Who destroy America Heart people?
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    Not? enough? question? marks? for? Cindy? to? take? your? response? seriously?, Brian?!!!!!

    That and her lack of rational thought.
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    I'm sorry, I guess you didn't read Cindy's post close enough. She addresses that point thoroughly and resoundingly. Let me quote the relevant passage:

    period!, Most
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    Mugshot of the Day

    Say what you want about Arpaio, I don't always agree with the man's methods, but these are some of the worst I've ever seen. Right up there with Faces of Meth.

    (I would've embedded a picture, but the size was crazy, and a bit much)
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    For math and movie nerds.

    I'm not enough of a math nerd anymore, I barely managed four from that page before needing to check the comments for answers.