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      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2011
    That aside, if Ellis can successfully bring a humorous touch to such characters as ... Valkyrie

    That actually reminds me--in a fairly recent issue of Avengers Academy, there was a funny segment about Valkyrie giving the female "students" a "guest lecture" that was a bit too...extreme for the regular teachers, that was pretty funny.

    Also, totally agree about Quitely Beast--as a teen when I finally stumbled into the realm of comics instead of just watching the heroes in cartoons, one of the first things I got was Morrison's New X-Men, and it's still my favorite era of that 'verse.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2011
    I'm really enjoying Brubaker's run, and Mike Deodato has gotten so good it's just not funny (look at his old stuff from Wonder Woman or Ellis' own Thor: World Engine thing, he was good but now...). Secret Avengers and Fraction's Iron Man are the only two ongoing Marvel Universe things I get (I do enjoy the Ultimate stuff, though)

    That said, the concept of Steve Rogers running a Mission: Impossible style team of superheroes is pure Ellis waiting to happen [if nothing else, look how well written Beast was in Astonishing X-Men, I'm sure that's a character Warren has no trouble writing dialogue for]. So it looks like a good book is about to get a whole lot better, especially when you take a look at the art Jamie McKelvie has put up on his own site. It's well worth a look. Here's a couple of them:

    Secret Avengers Cover

    Sample Page