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    I recently found some photos I took back in the mid 90's, mostly around the derelict East Perth Power Station.

    The first and last pics are of places that no longer exist. The first is a housing estate and the last a freeway interchange.
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    Daughter. I can't believe how fast she's growing up. It's so hard to catch them looking now, every time they see a camera they start posing - they're baffled by film cameras too, they expect to look at the back and see the shot.
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2011
    Jon, that's gorgeous. she'll be glad to have pictures like that when she grows up.
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2011
    Aaaah, Jon your daughter is beautiful! As is that photo! There's something almost tactile about that depth of field.
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    @Jon-Beautiful photo
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    @Dorkmuffin, Allana, Thewaltonsare - thanks! She was a little horror yesterday, that was a rare moment of serenity - she's eight going on seventeen, and seems to have picked up all my very worst traits of insubordination and sarcasm and inability to tolerate fools (which yesterday meant me) - I'm immensely proud of her in almost every way, but at the same time mortified and hugely guilty that I've passed those things on... She's very hard to photograph well at the moment, as she's starting to get into that gawky phase, and always mugs for the camera if she's conscious of it.

    I'm really pleased with that shot - I'd been playing with lenses, that was a Nikon 1.8 50mm on my D200, which makes a fantastic portrait lens on a DX format camera and gives that wonderful shallow depth of field. I normally keep an 18-200 zoom on it, which is a really great lens for landscapes and is hugely versatile but just doesn't do that kind of shot well at all. Trouble is it's awakened my lust for a full frame DSLR again (would have to be a D700 so my lenses would fit it) - I just feel happier with a nice bright big viewfinder and a prime lens and DX has always felt like a poor compromise... ach.
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    Old Winchester Hill

    Old Winchester Hill

    Old Winchester Hill

    This is the view from Old Winchester Hill - about five miles away from us and we went for a picnic today. Very beautiful, and just looking at these views makes me realise how bloody lucky we are to live where we do. I grew up taking this landscape for granted, had always thought of it as being inferior to the really dramatic stuff, but it's only in the last few years that I've properly appreciated that it has a different sort of beauty.
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2011
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    @J0nCarp3nter: The most difficult thing in life is learning to see the beauty of where you grew up.

    (The danger is seeing beauty only there.)
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    (The danger is seeing beauty only there.)

    Yes - that wouldn't do either... I guess the first step to dealing with stupid hangups is to acknowledge them...

    Kemper Norton - first gig, Winchester Railway Inn.

    I'll stop spamming the thread now... promise...

    Kemper Norton
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    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2011
    @J0nCarp3nter: I've spent about ten minutes trying to put my thoughts into words and i'm no closer now than i was when i started. I shall simply have to say your landscapes capture the view well and i like them a lot.
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    what's easter without some creepy angel statues?


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    Photos from Studio Servitu last night. I got hit in the head with a giant wooden cross at midnight, so apparently god is real, and a bit of a prick.


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    Managed to get my 10-year-old to hold still and smile long enough for a nice portrait today.
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    Nasturtium 1

    Nasturtium 2
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    @Jon-I like how the shadow on that top one looks like some sort of creature.
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2011
    what's easter without Jesus Christ Superstar?


    (i am giddy about this picture. i just love the colours, guh.)
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    Since we're still in keeping with the whole spring thing, took these at the local botanical gardens (Powell Gardens east of KCMO for those keeping track)




    And since Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School seems to be pretty popular around these parts, have a couple of those too.


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    Christopher on the Bike
    Christopher's Back
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2011
    So many beautiful stuff !!!

    And now for something completely different ... or not. At last, I take some time to edit all my recent stuff and trying some new stuff, or more like old stuff in a new (...). Anyway, hope you'll enjoy. Yadayadae ... more of my stuff at Les Fonds du Tiroir.

    The Road
    Filthy windows [2/2]