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    As some of you may know, Kate Brown has been doing the colouring for Freakangels since volume 3, but colouring is the least of her talents!

    Last year, she was awarded an Arts Foundation Grant for the purpose of developing her own comic, and now it's finished! She has self published it using the remaining money from the grant, and the books themselves arrived a few days ago!

    So, Fish + Chocolate is now available to buy from her website!

    I've already had the chance to read it, and it really is something special! There are three stories, each about a mother-child relationship, and they're thought provoking, uneasy and disturbing by turns, although to say any more would be to give too much away! You can read a preview of the beginning of the book by clicking on the thumbnails in Kate's shop.

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    Purchased a copy. Looks very nice.