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    I know spring is coming. Not calendar-spring ---that's passed--- but true spring. I haven't seen crocuses this year; I think they got ran over and are hiding, or dead. But I've seen the rising bits of maybe irises or tulips. Flat-bladed greenery, in anycase. And my skull is filled with sinus pain that creeps along my nasal passages to my eyes, and makes my eyes itch. My bones ache with the storms that pass and skip over our home.

    I saw a dust storm this morning. Sandy clouds and air that felt like chalk. I would have expected the dust-clouded sky and the gritty air-taste elsewhere. But not here. Here, with the water so close, it feels wrong to the marrow.

    I wonder who else has noticed it.
    I don't know who would.
    They didn't notice the loons vanishing, or any number of other things. Why this? It's just dust.

    ...except ... it doesn't belong here.