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    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011 edited
    I was just looking at this year's London SCI FI Festival Programme listings for this year, when this caught my eye.

    "Curated by Alex Fitch, from Panel Borders, the UK’s only radio show about comics, we present a FREE two day comics event celebrating British comic creators from the last 30 years.

    Speakers include novelists China Miéville and Denise Mina, singer/songwriter VV Brown and Yuri Kore, winner of the Japanese Embassy’s 2010 Manga Jiman Prize

    We have many female guests on the panels and members of the small press and manga community are well represented to ensure members of the audience can get advice from creators and professionals working their way into the industry.

    Discussions include:Poe, Lovecraft and comics, Manga Jiman, Comics and moving pictures, Hannah Berry will be previewing her new book, Adamtime, the long awaited follow-up to the acclaimed Britten and Brülightly plus free children’s workshops run by creators from Solipsistic Pop and footage from the new film, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts followed by a discussion of the writer’s work with some of his collaborators."

    (edited as I couldn't get the link to work)
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    Anyone else going?
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2011
    They've put the information up for both days now, the event is being held at the BFI Southbank.

    Day 1

    Saturday 30th April, Doors open at 10am Free Entry

    1am – SF comics for kids
    Paul Collicutt (Robot City adventures), Phillipa Rice (My Cardboard Life), Alex Milway (The Mythical 9th Division), Eddie Robson (Doctor Who adventures) discuss creating Science-Fiction and Fantasy comics for kids and having interested children in the format, how to keep their love of comics going.
    Followed by a children’s workshop run by Paul Collicutt

    12.30pm – City of Abacus
    A panel discussion with four of the creators of the serialised graphic novel CITY OF ABACUS including writers V.V. Brown and David Allain and artists Lee O’Connor and John Spelling, who drew issues two and three respectively, looking at the intriguing mix of dystopian SF and fantasy that the comic presents.
    Followed by City of Abacus signing

    2pm – Manga Jiman
    Three recent finalists - Zarina Liew (Runner-up 2009/2010), Yuri Kore (Winner 2009/2010), Clio Millett (Winner 2010/2011) – of the Japanese Embassy’s ‘Manga Jiman’ (Pride in Manga) competition join one of the judges, to discuss the homegrown manga scene in the UK and the difference between Manga and Western style comics.

    3.30pm – The work of Warren Ellis

    Writer Ian Edginton (who collaborated with Ellis on X-Force), Matt Jones (principal, BERG design who commission Ellis’ new comic SVK) and Matthew Sheret (writer, whose love of comics started with Warren’s work) discuss the work of comic book / multimedia writer Warren Ellis who has penned some of the most influencial SF comics of the last twenty years.

    Followed by 20 min preview screening of new documentary - “WARREN ELLIS: CAPTURED GHOSTS”

    5pm Close

    Day 2 Sunday 1st May

    11am – Small press to mainstream

    Al Davison (IDW Doctor Who comic), Tom Humberstone (Solipsistic Pop) and David Hine (Batman) talk about how working in small press comics has lead to work for mainstream publishers, but also provided a home to publish alternative titles throughout their careers so far.

    Followed by ‘Drop in and draw’ activities for first time artists wanting encouragement in creating comics, run by Tom Humberstone
    12.30am – H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe

    Novelists China Miéville (three time Arthur C. Clarke award winner for SF literature) and Denise Mina (The Field Of Blood) alongside writer David Hine and artist Alice Duke (Self Made Hero) discuss the influence of American writers Poe and Lovecraft on comic books and the difficulties posed by adapting their stories into strip format.
    2pm – Horror and noir

    A panel looking at the crossover between two popular genres with guests Denise Mina, graphic novelist Hannah Berry who will be previewing her new book ADAMTIME and Ian Edginton who has written further comic strip adventures of Sherlock Holmes in which the great detective fights zombies, vampires and serial killers.
    3.30pm Comics and moving pictures

    Comics have been both the basis of and influenced the look of much TV and film over the past few years and so creators Martin Fisher(Battle among the stars), Huw J. Davies (Freeman, Garth), Edward Ross (Filmish, Parasites!) and Roger Mason (2000AD, The Mice) will be talking about how their interest in both fields has led to cross-pollination in their work and how they see this influencing both media as a whole.

    5pm Close
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    Nice work, thanks for that.
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2011
    I've volunteered to help out on both the comics days at BFI, so if you see me come and say 'Hi'.