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    • CommentAuthorSetesh
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    He's brutally frank, certifiably insane, drugged up, and hates authority!

    No, not Charlie Sheen.

    But he is American like Mr. Winning, which is surprising when you see how fucking brilliant his lethally woven webs of conspiracy and enlightenment are.

    If you get the chance to see this in theaters, I'd count yourself lucky. It's barely playing at all over here in the States, despite rampant critical acclaim.

    Coincidence? Probably not. Most media corporations here have strong conservative and/or Christian leanings, regardless of what the fucking GOP claim.

    My favorite indie rock radio station was bought, and then turned into easy-listening by Disney. I shit you not. And that is unfortunately the norm, here in the States.

    So go give this a shot!

    We're not all Yank Wanks, and Bill reminds the world of what we used to, and could, be.

    Member of "COPS" Watcher's Anonymous
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    Brilliant. Bill Hicks deserves a movie. I'll see if it's playing anywhere in Toronto.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    I really,really liked this. It has a really nice and unique animation style, using still photographs aso
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    awesome! available on Amazon VOD. excellent!
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    It opened today in my beloved hometown, but I'm going to be busy in Lousy Stupid Boston for the next three weeks. Maybe I can download a cam and just send a check to his estate.
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    Wonderful, it's playing at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. I'll be watching this. Perhaps I should track down American Scream (his biography) and read it again.
    • CommentAuthorJim Moore
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    It's available on iTunes for rent...
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    I just saw it's playing at the local Alamo Drafthouse (you can drink in there!) in a couple weeks, so I'm gonna hafta go.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.