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    Built on a Mossberg frame, it's a shotgun that fires taser "shells". It's built not to accept lethal ammunition (using the term "less lethal", which is ominous) and even has a stock mount for multiple rounds.

    The Product site.

    With all the controversy around tasers already doesn't this seem a bit excessive?
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    so are the "shells" electrified? I don't get it.

    well, i think i'll reserve judgment until i can see it in action, but it does seem excessive for anything except a full scale riot or something.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    Personally, I think our people of "authority" should be given these shotgun tazers until they've proven to be responsible with the little tazers they have now.

    But that's just me trying to use common sense, and that's most likely frowned upon nowadays. :O
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    They call such weapons 'less-lethal' now instead of 'non-lethal' because when they do occasionally kill someone they can't sue the manufacturers for claiming they can't kill...
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008 edited
    It looks like a BEE! :D

    I wish they'd shot something with it though. It's all very well just seeing it sat there, but I want to see it DO something. Not neccessarily an alive thing, of course.
    • CommentAuthorInexperto
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    Is it just me, or does the TAZER INTERNATIONAL logo/trailer look really conspicuously evil? You know, 70s Bond-Villian evil?

    Yes, they make weapons so they're not going to opt for a fluffy kitten and a rainbow* but it seems like they've gone a bit far the other way.

    *it worries me that the moment I typed that I suddenly thought I CAN HAS TAZER?? I may need a holiday from the internet.
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    Yeah, it fires an NMI incapacitating round, basically a wireless taser cartridge in projectile form. It even pops out stabilizing fins when fired to keep it flying. You can see pics and more specs here.

    And yes, they are now "less lethal" precisely because they can still kill people.


    I agree completely. The whole steel-thunderbolt-over-the-globe screams world domination, not "less lethal" weapons technology. I thought the video was a parody for several seconds, but then I went to their site and there it is. BWAHAHAHA. . . buy our guns!
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    A side note: the projectile I linked to is the one that goes into a regular shotgun. The X12 is "optimized" for using this projectile. So, you can have a lethal shotgun firing less lethal projectiles, OR a less-lethal shotgun that fires less-lethal projectiles. . . and that can have another Taser mounted on it.

    I have to admire, with some disquiet and disgust, the genius of the projectile. It hits you, you feel pain, you grab it, thus closing the circuit and delivering the incapacitating charge. From the description, no matter what the victim does, the projectile is going to fuck them up.

    I shudder with a mix of devilish appreciation and horror.

    I guess it is time to come up with a word that means "less lethal," but that sounds sexier and more proactive?
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    As soon as I saw the thread title the first thing that popped into my head was "how much, and where can I get it?" It will go perfectly with my taser mp3 player that they came out with.

    This might subplant paintball as the next extreme sport; taser tag. There would be more than a welt to deter you from getting hit.

    • CommentAuthorInexperto
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    Look! They've got henchmen in polo-necks and everything!
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    I want a Taser X12 carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model taser gun with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time. It's gonna be on every kid's christmas wish list!

    Oh, and if you have to get me thermal underwear and socks mom, get me black ones and a black turtleneck o I can look like those guys.

    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    That music was hilarious. I see they included the obligatory "firearm-up-your-nose mile-long-barrel Dirty Harry shot."

    Taser International wants y'all to know that even though their product is now "less lethal," they're still gonna fry your ass to an incapacitated, spasming crisp.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    Taser International: Making people dance like white saburban rebellious youth since 1993.