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    Thank yee kindly, good Sir Si.

    It'll be more of a special-Whitechaplian only slant - my blog will have roughly what I'd planned to do with it and why but the thread here would what be gruesome details I would have used it for, if any paragraphs got rejected, etc.

    Thanks again and thanks for the congrats.
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    It seems I can't delete a post from 2008. It's one of the few hits with my real name on google and I wish to remove it to keep my internet persona nameless.

    Would someone with the powers for such action kindly make it happen? I will be very thankful!
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    There you go.
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    Thank you, kind sire.
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    Not sure if this is the right place, but the photo I've bunged in the latest spit thread is behaving oddly. If I view it on my laptop then all hunky dory. On my iPad the photo is upside down. Is this the same for anyone else?
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    Steve -- Do you mean the one from yesterday? Looks fine on my laptop. Using Chrome.
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    That's the one. Cheers. Seems to have resolved itself now. Was very odd to go to Chrome on the laptop where I was the right way up then to the iPad where it was upside down.
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    Si: would you mind deleting this post of mine please? I've been having problems with a stalker.
      CommentAuthorEd Jackson
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    wrong thread
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    @Si: Thanks.

    Are we having another yarn-spinning thread soon, or a new R/R?
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    My busy-ness is profound. Frankly I'm contemplating subliming two or three volunteers into mods to keep the regular threads - Around the Net/Newstrange/Open Mic/Spinning Yarns/R&R - ticking over.
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    It's a new month now, so just doing some summer cleaning.

    With FIRE.
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    Hi all - recently signed up (and posted some art in the rather magnificent Remake/Remodel thread) and have read through the general house rules on this thread.

    I have a question which I know the answer to, but I need to find an alternative path whereby I don't get the Arse Eels. I wanted to share a 4 frame, single page episodic comic with fellow creatives with a view to getting some kind of critical feedback, but I don't want to break Warren's rules about sharing creative content with the pros and I really don't want the eels, I don't think they'd agree with my digestive system.

    Basically, does anyone have any advice on where I could go to share this work and not have to deal with the usual potty mouthed children that have taken over the internets? I've been doing art and writing for years uncounted, but I am relatively new to sharing this work online and want to make as many positive connections as possible without breaking rules and without the eels. Did I mention that I don't want the eels?
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    Tibbs: I've softened the stance on that sort of thing slightly. We're still broadly allergic to prose postings and short fictions outside of the occasional properly-mandated thread, because it causes such headaches to all involved. Comics? Particularly shortform single-pagers? And particularly when you're looking for critique? I'm less troubled.

    So here's my suggestion: start a thread for precisely this sort of thing. Call it, oh, I dunno, ONE SHOT KILLS: SINGLE PAGE COMICS. Make it very clear in the first post that this is a place for tryout comics to be peer-reviewed. Make it particularly particularly clear that I, or one of the other mods, will SHIT SCREAMING NUCLEAR ARSEFIRE upon anyone who takes the piss, tries to post multiple pages, etc. And then, second post, stick up your own work.

    If it gets popular enough, we'll make it sticky and go forwards from there.
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    Yeah Si, I wish you told me that becoming a mod would give me the ability to shit screaming nuclear arsefire. It's made it awkward at parties.
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    Ah, superpowers. I mean, what are you gonna do, not use them?
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    On the other hand, you've always got an out of any conversation you don't want to be in.
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    What happens if you try to hold the screaming nuclear arsefire in? Cramps? Just, you know, that kind of thing keeps me awake at night.

    Thanks for your blessing and the excellent posting suggestions, Horrible Warning Si. I will create such a thread and make my introductions, rules, etc and then post episode one. I do have eps two and three ready to post (all single pages) - best to wait for feedback on ep1 before posting more? Totally understand if that's not cool as you were clear about avoiding multiple pages - I would just want people to get the feel of it from the next two single page eps (and no more than that). Let me know what works for you.

    And thanks again, Whitechapel rocks the freakin casbah.

    Screaming nuclear arsefire, Arse Eels; crazy times, crazy, crazy times.
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    @oldhat/Horrible Warning Si

    I have started the thread. It is titled "YOU HAVE ONE BULLET - Single page comics" and I have put a note detailing my pending request (see above), but otherwise it is strictly a one page comic deal. I put it in the Culturegasm section.
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    I'd keep it at single page. "ep 2 and 3" means that you have a series, in which case I would advise you to start a site of your very own and showcase them there.

    And as you update I would also like to suggest the Artist's thread as well as putting it up on a webcomics thread when a new one is started.