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    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2011
    ..I'm Steven...hey

    I'm a comic writer/artist. I do indie book(s). doesn't talk much, but loved observing all that happens with Whitechapel and FA

    i'm working on my next two books, but in the meantime say hi
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    My name's James, I'm based in Manchester, originally from the Isle of Man.

    I'm an aspiring comic creator, completely self-taught. I'm trying to figure out how I go from being an ambitious amateur into a full-time pro. I have a habit of assigning surreal backstories to what- or whoever crosses my path, and I'm not sorry because I'd be bored as Hell otherwise.

    My favourite food is the humble burrito, my favourite movie is Grosse Point Blank and my favourite finishing move is the Shining Wizard.

    Here's what I look like:

    C'est Moi

    Here's my work:

    Audit (webcomic)

    My deviantart
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    Hi I'm Nathaniel. Avid comic reader sort of. New to Whitechapel but longtime reader of Freakangels and other of Warren's work. Warren, great work on everything, keep it up.

    Oh currently taking a course at UCLA about queer characters in comics. I'm preeminently knowledgeable about such things now that I've been in 5 class sessions.

    This is a picture of me with scaryhair.

    hair and 1/2 face
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2011
    @James How often do you update Audit? I like it so far =)
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    Glad you like it, and I hope you keep reading!

    It currently updates at the breakneck rate of 2 pages every couple of weeks. I'd like it to be more often than that, but my circumstances aren't really allowing for it at the moment.
    • CommentAuthorCurtPires
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2011
    Hi Everyone, my names Curt and I'm a writer/ aspiring comic creator. Huge fan of Warren's work, with planetary being one of the works that made me want to get out there and write. Right now I'm working with a couple artist's on some pitches, as well as running a comics blog, and creating experimental digital comics in my free time.

    My Latest venture is a web comic series called infinity and it uploads every Wed's here:

    thanks for your time, and I look forward to being a member of this great community!