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    It's Saturday night: and so people should do the following:

    * say hello
    * show me your face
    * tell me what you did this week
    * accept me into your heart as your one true god
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011

    i'm ill. i had to cancel a driving lesson due to increasingly severe panic attacks.... having issue leaving the house except to work, which is done pretty dreamily....

    i feel like i'm falling to bits.

    way to kick off the thread eh?

    an old one from happier times
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    Hello, sir. I hope you're well.
    This week?
    *I covered the local municipal elections in Illinois for the newspaper day job on Tuesday and then wrote analysis pieces ("What happens now?") about those election results on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.
    *I found out my wife likely needs surgery after wrecking her knee in a fall right before Christmas, despite the physical therapy she's been doing. So that sucks.
    *I got wonderful pages back from artist mpMann for our next comic-book project together, a self-published tale called DAILY GRIND.
    Not a great week overall, but the weather was really nice today so I went outside and played with my daughter for a while. We went for ice cream, too.

    As for a photo, this is the most recent one of me (the big guy in the middle), during a recent in-store signing gig. I look happy there, which is nice.
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    Hello Warren

    Tell me what you did this week:
    Started Digging up the garden of my shop. and taking part in the renovation of what turns out to be 500 years old. Lot of junk from the pub next door. Also preparing to order things to sell. Trying to understand what I want out of life.

    * accept me into your heart as your one true god

    Always and Forever.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    Haven't done this for a while...


    What did I do this week? Spent a lot of it laying around, then re-establishing contact with loads of folks with whom I've let relationships fade a bit. Went back to the office, and dropped by Kapow this afternoon, after both of which I was more tired than I should have been...

    Accepting you as my one true god would be difficult unless you're abdicating the job of my one true satan.

    Nice to be back, mate.
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    Hi! I look like this:

    Did this week: I started dating a couple weeks ago and by last weekend it was all a bit overwhelming so I asked him if we could not go on so many dates. And I'd say more but this cute guy just showed up.

    "accept me into your heart as your one true god" Sorry, but I've got a strong personal policy of no worshiping of deities.
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    Accepting you as my one true god would be difficult unless you're abdicating the job of my one true satan.

    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    'Ello Mr. Ellis.

    I look like this:

    This week I avoided work far too successfully. Last night I went to a masquerade, during which I looked like this:

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    That's me on Monday. WonderCon had wrapped up the day before and I wasn't flying out 'til 9 pm. It was a beautiful day, so my ladyfriend took me here:

    It was pretty goddamn epic. We ate burritos and drank beer, and she played Magnetic Fields songs on ukulele for me. My outgoing voicemail greeting is me singing one of the songs Tom Waits made up on the spot in the episode of Fishing With John that he was in, while the surf breaks around my feet. "Adventure!/ Men of adventure/ Conquering the world!/ Conquering the world/ The world of adventure/ Our journey begins/ In a world of adventure." I swam in the Pacific, briefly, because I am from Alaska and our perception of cold is fucked. The ocean was cold enough to take my breath away, but not cold enough to make my flesh ache.

    That feels like so long ago.

    Tuesday and Wednesday it was back to the dayjob, following several hours of Witch Doctor deadlines between when I woke up and when swing shift started. I made the mistake of going just shy of full-time at my survival job, so I could afford WonderCon and SDCC... and naturally, that's when the WD deadlines suddenly started hitting. I ended up having to cut my hours, which finally kicked in this week — and was a massive relief.

    Thursday was the "Witch Doctor: Under the Knife" art show at Portland's Sequential Art Gallery, and a Newsarama interview. Yesterday I went to Tranquility Base comics studio, wrote a bunch of script, and chatted with Joe Keatinge and Les McClaine.

    And today is the Alter Egos Power Struggle, Portland's annual superhero/supervillain pub crawl. So I'm about to get totally smashed with all my closest friends and commit EPIC HIJINKS for the rest of the day. It's like Christmas!
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    Still shamelessly attempting to hang on to my hair.
    This week I tortured people with the fact I now have my amp system back (and the repeat listening of about 3 songs with huge volume), worked when the opportunity arose, as oddly not having work to do makes me rather hysterical and I don't like it.
    Miz and I also met Oda, who is a sincerely nice young lady. As per usual, I have been making up fantastical and abstract ways to avoid doing things I like doing.
    I will start a local cult, rather than worshipping you myself. I will give you a percentage.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011 edited

    This is my face:


    This week I've mostly been writing a Young Adult novel, chalked up about 7K words and broke the 20K mark. I've no idea if it's any good, I'm just having fun and trying to finish the bastard thing. There's lots of sword fights, coming of age shenanigans, disturbing mutation and revenge on authority figures. So, not unlike school in some parts of London (so I hear).

    I saw Source Code on Tuesday and was entertained, very clever film, well executed. Perhaps not quite as good as Moon but it's a close run race. Jake Gyllenhaal is very good, and there are some zingers in it too. Shame they couldn't get Clint Mansell for the score.

    Also applied for four jobs and got turned down for a gig at BBC where I thought I'd at least get an interview. Here's hoping something turns up soon. I like writing at home, but I also like paying my rent...

    Hope you're healthy Warren (Our Lord Swami, Internet Jesus, etc etc), and every one else too.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011

    Week was alright. I took my second Business law test on thursday and feel pretty good about it. The first test I did well - second highest grade in the class - and the teacher has been very positive about the out of class work I turn in. I REALLY like the teacher and probably willtry and take another class of hers. One of the homework assignments was to watch a particular TED talk and respond to it <3

    The kids, though. Of my two academic classes - business law and super basic compsci - I can understand people not wanting to be in compsci. It's a requirement for pretty much any path of study. HOWEVER, the tests in that class are FIFTEEN QUESTION MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS and the kids go CAN IT BE OPEN BOOK LOL and then snicker when the teacher caves because they won't shut up. He lectures for the first half of class about computers - kinda in depth but, really, nothing too bad. The last half everyone works on their own on microsoft office labs. It's really not that hard, and yet most people complain and dont do the work and the teacher just lets them and gives us extensions on assignments. I dont know. I've got Portable Chrome on my flash drive and have my gmail, tweetdeck (in a chrome tab),, and pandora/amazon cloud player running in chrome behind whatever Office app we are working with and I just go at my own pace (which is slooow) but everyone seems to be weeks behind me. Seemed like half the class was unaware that the midterm was last session. I mean, I guess EVERYONE has to go through this class eventually... but Business Law? You kinda have to go out of your way to take that class. AND YOU PAY MONEY TO TAKE IT. So why is 3/4 of the class constantly disruptive and uninterested? I dont know. I'm only 24 and frequently find myself going, "Kids these days, i swear..." shrug.

    Some day this week my friend from the desert will be driving up to visit me. /mostly/ looking forward to seeing her again. It's my spring beak so no classes next week. She's going to find a day that works for her and drive up. She's never seen my place in burbank, just my moms down in the desert.

    I'm insured now, and my car is in operational condition! Earlier today was the first time I ever drove a car all by myself. And all I did was back out of the parking thing of the apartment so I could wash it and then drive back in.I think I still cant technically drive it, and its still in DMV limbo (Cause my mother and her husband cut some corners during the purchase) but I assume that will be sorted out soon enough otherwise my father wouldnt have got the new battery yet and all that. Excitement.

    Still working on my third comic about robots and tentacley monsters. My first two can be bought super cheap and with free shipping right here :o Last year I did a short zine that had stray comics ive done and some non-fictional writing and stuff about other peoples comics/creations that I liked. I plan to do another one over the course of my spring break. Also, Nygaard's IMAGONEM #38 is on the interwebs here and I've got a four page comic in it sorta inspired by the plotless dungeon crawler video games I adore (Interplay's STONEKEEP still being a game that continues to steal my heart to this day).

    Here I am, Overlord Ellis. I am holding JACK KIRBY'S INTERGALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS written by Lisa Kirby and others. It was Jack Kirby's concept, written and fleshed out from old notes and stuff he had made. I normally probably wouldnt have bought this but back in March of 2008, when I was working at Borders, Lisa Kirby came in and did a signing and stuff. It's signed by Lisa Kirby, the other three credited writers Michael Thibodeaux, Steve Robertson, Richard French) and Garret French (who the main character was based on). I was working that day but swapped lunches with a coworker so I would be off the clock when they were here. So I talked with Lisa Kirby and the other four people that were there and they had a documentary about Jack playing too. It was cool.

    Saturday Night Open Mic (9apr11)

    (Behind me on the tv I normally have XBMC running but its Taphead's DEAD CITY RADIO playing on mixcloud right now. And it's awesome.)
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    * Hello, space daddy. Hope you are well and your IV drip of Red Bull and Whiskey are topped off <3
    * here ya go. i have been feeling old and miserable, but i hope to get over it real fucking soon.

    * Almost ready to leave from work. Also today is my last day. Boss is shutting down, so yeah I am now out of a day job. I have been working in this furniture store since December '06. I started cleaning and loading shit at first, and then I moved up to sales and got kinda good at it. I used to like showing up but now I started to hate this fucking place and the people in this town. Although it did build my character over the years. I used to be really reserved but then I got really good at talking to/reading people and also reeeally good at not being a push over and taking shit from anybody. I believe that is experience you can't buy. And I would never have developed a sense of fucking work ethic had it not been for me growing up and driving to a job these last 4+ years. I know Space Shark and all the comics friends I've made would not have fucking happened had I never become the person I am.

    Also the comic store I have been hanging out at since I started work here is going to shut down soon as well. Things are fucking crummy and miserable all around. But at the same time I suppose things are looking up. Trying to stay positive and I guess now I can focus on my art and comics a little more! anyway, fuck the whole wide world. I'm gonna go see Queens of the Stone Age next week. TWICE!

    * accept me into your heart as your one true god - You know I already fucking have. Here is a little project I am working on to prove it. not final, consider it Phase 1 of the Space Jesus Ackshun Figgur!
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011

    Pretty good week. Work week went by very quickly. Found out I'm getting a "gold leash" bonus. A bit of stock each year I stay. It's not a lot of money, but it is nice to know they want me around.

    This didn't keep my from being very happy to find four pairs of almost new sneakers left in a Moving Out pile! Sneakers my size! Sneakers less worn out than the ones I use to walk the dog in! Sneakers which I disinfected with hot water and bleach and will press into service.

    But the BIG thing is I'm on a writing jag. Pounding out adventure material for a Superhero Role Playing Game. I am actually more interested in writing than in playing those addictive low-rent Flash games.

    I'm slowly putting together a model airplane. An archaic hobby I've never indulged in . . . well, since a really sad and discouraging incident as a ten year old.

    Bad: I may have fucked up my knee. I can walk miles a day without it hurting, but if I sit or lie down wrong, it aches like hell. I hope it is just another manifestation of my bad back, but I'm worried that this is one of those first signs of decay and disability.

    Me, April 9 2011

    Sorry, Warren, but you'll have to share room in my heart with Trixie the Magic Coyote and LOGO the Jesus Robot.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011

    Finding out that you have randomly been selected by your bank to win a 17" Sony VAIO laptop worth $1700 for just using your ATM card. Not a scam, not a bait and switch, the wife just had to drive down this week and claim it.

    And we're about to put it up on eBay to use the cash to pay off some bills.
    • CommentAuthorbuhbuhcuh
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    The woman sitting next to me smells of industrial strength soap. When I boarded the bus I naturally chose the most isolated seat I could, but this old lady and her soapy scent keep slipping down the long bench towards me.

    I am a bus person. I'm thirty years old and I've never bothered to take a driving test. Cars bore me; they seem designed to allow the driver to ignore the local. Taking the bus is the opposite. Winding a route through neighborhoods I don't recognise, stopping every thirty seconds to open the doors, forcing the world upon me.

    I need that - the reminder of humanity. The smell of age and desperation and pride I can taste now. The man across the aisle with his big gulp and his bulging belly and bad teeth. His seatmate,a smartly dressed young woman listening to music on her phone, staring at nothing forlornly.
    they are nothing like me, but they are on the same bus I am.
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    I got nuffink, mate. Maybe next week....
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011 edited

    DANGER: The following contains hazardous levels of sadbastard moping. You have been warned.

    Here's the thing. Last Sunday I broke up with my GF of 14 years. I am still desperately in love with her, but as it was becoming clearer and clearer that she was no longer in love with me (despite her obvious affection and fondness for me), I just couldn't take the limbo any more. And so I did the most horrifically difficult and devastating thing I've ever had to do. I've since become the walking epitome of a vast number of heart-rending pop songs (both awful and sublime), and I can't fail to recognise every fucking cliche in myself.

    It's now clear to me that it is, in fact, possible to regret doing the right thing. I miss her terribly, and if there was something, anything, I could do to reverse this, I would. But no. She doesn't want me, and that's the end of that. I'm glad I'm also entirely broke, since the temptation to have a few dozen drinks does exist.

    Oh yeah. And this was my first breakup, as she was my first lover. I don't recommend anyone have a 14-year relationship as their first one, since if it goes tits up, you don't really have a lot to fall back on. I mean, who the hell am I if I'm not with her? Ok, sure, great. I have the (honestly) wonderful opportunity to re-invent myself at 36, but FUCK.

    I'm sure it'll get better, but FASTER PLEASE. I'm tired of being a total fucking wreck.

    I spent tonight at a friend's 30th birthday party, and he played Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" for me, after which there were loud blues noises made by the whole bunch. Pretty ladies dancing helped.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to pick up a tire iron, a few rolls of duct tape and a industrial strength bin bag, and go have a chat with April about the "cruelest month" schtick it's been running. This shit is way out of line.

    Hope this finds you well.

    And thank you, all.

    (And despite everything: Thank you, Mari, for the last 14 years.)

    ETA: Hey, quit kicking around in my cardiovascular system, Warren. YES YES FUNNY TIMING HA HA stop it.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    @buhbuhcuh: You could do an essay on that. You should, too.

    I used to go to a community college by bus. The stop before campus was by an occupational therapy workshop, so I shared my ride with a host of folks with a spectacular array of mental and intellectual disability. Sobering, sometimes annoying, once in a while heartening. This was thirty years ago, but I still remember some of those folks well.
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    My face, looking more solemn than intended:


    It's 2am and I'm sat in the back yard making the most of what feels like the first dry and reasonably warm day of the year. I've been out reading and nursing a fire for a few hours now. Something in the trees at the bottom of the garden sounds like a monkey, but I know that can't be right. The friendly neighbour cat attempted to come over and check out the fire, but it did so by slinking up to me in the dark, so we scared each other and now it's watching me from the same trees that are making the monkey sounds.

    I turn 29 tomorrow, which is just a shocking notion. It feels like I was 21 about six months ago. I remind myself that I'll be a lot more worried in six month's time, when I'm sitting in another back yard in my late thirties and have another fume-induced moment of clarity and mortal terror.

    I pretend to be a lot more worried than I actually am, though. 29 should be a lark. It's kicking off with Beef Wellington and key lime pie, so that's alright.

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