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    The solution would seem to be to avoid Amazon's Kindle store. There's some info in the middle of this article which explains how you can import MOBI files (which are Kindle compatible) onto a Kindle without going through Amazon.

    As noted above, this is what Locus does, and, I presume, many others.
    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2011
    The simplest would be to offer it in .epub and .mobi formats, sent directly to the subscriber and they can add it to their devices as they like, you don't want to get too focused on just hitting the Kindle (especially as you do better selling direct, although getting on Amazon brings in more customers).

    In fact, you could probably use another service for hosting it. I notice Smashwords has a number of magazines on there, like Apex magazine, but I don't think you can subscribe to it (although it'd make sense for Smashwords to do that at some point) and they are also on DriveThruSciFi. In fact, nosing around, you can get a subscription to them through Weightless Books, available as EPUB, MOBI and PDF. It looks to be quite a good service but there are numerous eBook stores and there are a number listed there that offer subscriptions - both with and without DRM.
    • CommentAuthorbuhbuhcuh
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2011
    Our agreement with Michael Moorcock includes the proviso that the electronic version of the magazine should strive to incorporate cutting edge technologies to present fiction and editorial pieces to their maximum impact
    - From the New Worlds announcement!

    Hurrah, I won't need to take out another mortgage on the cat.