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    hey everyone. this saturday in the US (and maybe other places? didnt even think about it till now) is the fake holiday Record Store Day. its meant to encourage people to stop siphoning money into apples pockets support the local shops in their town. its a lot like Free Comic Book Day, where the GOOD stores will have exclusive vinyl, in store performances, food, sales, and other cool shit to move some foot traffic into their shops. its not like FCBD in that NOTHING IS ACTUALLY FREE, sadly.

    just wanted to give a heads up to the music folks on here in case people werent aware of it coming up so soon. some of the RSD releases are pretty cool, some are blah (a CD release on a day that celebrates vinyl?? thanks, DECEMBRISTS haha) but really, your local shop could use some support.
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    Record Store Day is nice, but buyer beware on most of this stuff. It's now in large part, hugely inflated prices on multi-disc vinyl that will be at reasonable prices within a month or on ebay before you arrive. There is some cool stuff, though.

    Anyway: the full list is here.
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    I'll be supporting a couple of my favorite local record stores on record store day.

    Fifth Element and Electric Fetus.
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2011
    i'm going to be in Toronto this weekend anyways, spending lots of money. would prefer not to fight through crowds, but hopefully there will be some deals. i'll be hitting Rotate This and Soundscapes for sure. (although neither place had the last Emeralds LP nor the previous two Supersilent LPs, last time i checked...)
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2011 edited
    6music radio station in the UK are supporting it as are some stores. Listeners are sending in some really sweet reminiscences of their favourite records stores from times past as well.

    When I was a teenage all I had to rely on was an Our Price Records in Skegness which was very small and mostly stocked top 40 stuff. I had a crush on one of the sales assistants who was tall, smiley and had long corkscrew hair. If I bought anything embarrassing I used to try not to be served by him and vice versa. Not that he would have noticed a spotty little goth with really bad hair. :D :D
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    Houston, TX area will be participating. Best music store in Houston...
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    Went to my local shop, The Exclusive Company, and grabbed a few new and a few pre owned CD's. There was a local band playing live, and the Jimmy Johns guys were there handing out samples of their subs. The store was packed. I wouldn't have known about the day if it weren't for this thread, so thanks, Joe, for bringing it to my attention.
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    Took my daughter and bought a crap ton of CDs. It was fun!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    Went to local store Green Light Music, bought a bunch of CDs, and wondered aloud "Why the fuck do Five For Fighting and Nickelback have "Greatest Hits" collections?"
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    Paul -- Don't worry, those two c.d.'s are actually blank.
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    Got a bunch of vinyl yesterday and some CDs also. I've been wanting some King Tubby on vinyl for a while, finally got my wish. Got that Rhymesayers Exclusive vinyl. I think I got 3 CDs for free yesterday too. Twas a good day!
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    I picked up the ZZ Top/Mastodon split 45. My brain simply couldn't process the two being on the same piece of vinyl. I also got the Gaga 12-inch picture disc, though that was more for a collector's item, as I don't even really like the song. Also got Master of Puppets, though that was unrelated to the day. It was there and it was cheap and I didn't have it, so yeah. I guess the day served its purpose.

    I was a little sad that none of the stores in town that were running events had any of the White Stripes items. Oh well.

    (Local store is Wooden Nickel in Fort Wayne. All three locations are pretty badass, but the north side one was fucking PACKED.)
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    i think the WHITE STRIPES stuff may have been regional (like the FUCKED UP fake covers lp that was nowhere to be found in my genral vicinity)because i didnt see any of those either.

    i grabbed the MCR Na Na Na 7" so that i can actually spin the best song of last year efficiently. good turnouts were had at the two big local stores.

    people kept asking me about the releases, because evidently i always look like i work at record stores. maybe if i didnt have the answers to their questions, they wouldnt have thought that haha.